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No Hollywood Ending For Mike

Mike SteffanosSunday, October 2, 2005
By Mike Steffanos

Rockies 11 - Mets 3

Not a real great ending to both the season and Mike Piazza's Met career. It could be worse, though -- you could be a Phillies fan, wondering what might have been if they had only taken 2 0f 3 from the Mets; or a Cleveland Indians fan, who understands what a late-season choke feels like.

But, chances are you are none of those, or you wouldn't be reading this. No, you're a Mets fan, and you're wishing that the last day you (most likely) saw Mike Piazza in a Mets uniform went a little more storybook than it did. Instead, you watched Mike go a rather weak 0 for 3, while three Mets pitchers pitched batting practice -- ironic that Takatsu was the only effective pitcher today -- and the "season that almost was" is indisputably over.

You keep hearing that there is a chance that Mike will be back next year, so there really isn't the absolute finality of his leaving yet. In a way, I think this might be easier if there was that certainty. I just can't see how it makes much sense for either the team or Mike to have him in Shea in 2006. Just wish he could have gone out with a win and a hit or two.

But the fans were great, as they were yesterday when I was at the game. I don't think there is anything that makes me prouder to be a Mets fan than the way we support a player that has earned our respect and our love. I think David Wright is going to experience something very similar some day -- maybe even Beltran if he ever settles into being a star in the big city.

But this about Mike, and how we feel about him. I am a middle-aged man who has long ago abandoned hero worship, but Mike Piazza is special to me in the way few Mets ever were. He's up there with Seaver and Keith Hernandez: great Mets who were not only winners and great players, but also never gave you any real regrets in the way that Doc and Daryl did. When you follow a team for over 3-1/2 decades it is amazing just how few of those come along.

More Jacobs...

This kid obviously has to learn to be a better fielder, but he just keeps impressing at the plate. I know kids have great months and then disappear, but what happens with him next year will definitely be of interest to us Met fans.


We'll be tackling post-season wrap-ups this week, then on to the hot stove discussion.

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