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Drunken Sailor? Don't Think So...

Mike SteffanosWednesday, November 30, 2005
By Mike Steffanos

I have just read the latest column by Dayn Perry on the Fox Sports web site. I don't always agree with what he says, but I always find him interesting.

I have to take some exception to his lead in this column that the Mets have gone into "drunken sailor mode". This has become a cliché in baseball circles, and I think it's unfair. This is coming from a Mets fan that doesn't believe in buying a team, and would probably be happier if the team was operating a little differently this winter.

Philosophical differences aside, one thing that I do admire is that Omar Minaya is operating from a solid plan and doing things in a logical manner. That's one thing you could never accuse Steve Phillips of, which makes me much more at ease with Omar's shopping spree. If I don't totally agree with everything done, I do understand what he's doing.

I'm not sure what the rest of the winter holds, so I will reserve my final judgment. Right now, Omar deserves his due. He's earned my respect.

Also, Perry is bringing up that luxury tax loophole, but as Tom Verducci pointed out, the threshold for the tax is $136.5 million -- a figure the Mets are extremely unlikely to reach. (If they do, we will revisit the "drunken sailor" analogy.)

Perry makes some recommendations for the Mets. He wants them to sign catcher Ramon Hernandez -- which we all would love provided he doesn't price himself out of here. The recommendation to keep Matsui as a utility infielder and bring someone else in might be practical if they wind up going the cheaper route for catcher. He wants to make the Kris Benson + prospect trade for Javier Vazquez, I'm not sure I'd give up Benson and a prospect unless the prospect is a grade B. Jacque Jones has been brought up before, and it didn't make sense then and still doesn't. Give Victor Diaz the chance to prove that he can do the job, you'll have Nady as insurance, plus you can always find an OF.

To me, do what you can to upgrade the starting pitching and setup men and then, "play ball!" Dayn Perry reminds me a little of the ex-wife here: too willing to spend someone else's money for things not really needed.

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