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Goodbye, Mike Cameron

Mike SteffanosWednesday, November 16, 2005
By Mike Steffanos

If there was any doubt on this -- and there shouldn't be -- The Mets' official web site has an item on the trade.

I promise not to get all misty-eyed on you, but I'd like to take a minute to voice one fan's appreciation of Mike Cameron. I was aware of Cameron before he signed with the Mets 2 years ago, but I certainly wasn't a fan. I wasn't all that excited when they signed him, although I did feel that the Mets were long overdue in getting a real centerfielder at Shea stadium.

Then Cameron hurt his wrist and started really struggling right from the get-go. The fans started booing his every move, especially his embarrassingly futile at bats. The boys on WFAN were killing him on a daily basis. I figured at the time that here was another guy that was going to get chewed up and spit out by the Big Apple.

But a funny thing happened: Cameron didn't let the negative stuff bury him. He battled back and had a decent year for a guy who was under the Mendoza line for a good chunk of the season. He didn't become an a--hole in the clubhouse like so many have before him. He handled a move to right field this past year with class and dignity, too; especially considering the player replacing him wasn't his equal as a center fielder.

Good luck, Mike. I've been watching this team for a long time, and you are definitely one of the good guys. I'll be rooting for you -- as long as your Padres aren't playing the Mets.

Lastings Milledge
At the MinorLeagueBaseball.com web site Kevin Czerwinski has a really nice piece on Mets' top prospect Lastings Milledge. You can count Team USA manager Davey Johnson among the believers that feel he can be a star in New York. I only hope the kid gets the chance to prove it to us.

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