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Mets Hot Stove: A Call to Action

Mike SteffanosWednesday, November 30, 2005
By Mike Steffanos

Just some interesting items to fill a day without press conferences, and a call to all Mets fans to support their Boston brethren:

ESPN: Omar, Have a Heart
Apparently there is now a grass roots effort underway in Boston to convince Red Sox management to keep Manny Ramirez, including a web site, KeepManny.com. According to the text on the home page:

We here at KEEPMANNY.com do NOT want to see Manny play for anyone else besides the Boston Red Sox. After watching him play in Boston since he arrived via free agency in 2001, we have grown very fond of the quirky and aloof left fielder. We feel it would be an absolute travesty to see him dealt to another team... Whatever your reason for wanting Manny to stay in a Boston Red Sox uniform, we urge you to sign our petition and let your voice be heard.

Hey, I signed, and I recommend that all Met fans that are willing to generously allow the Red Sox to keep Manny do the same.

Daily News: Trying to resign Roberto
I felt somewhat relieved when I read this item by Anthony McCarron today:

The Mets also have made pitcher Roberto Hernandez an offer to return, Minaya said. "It's in their hands," Minaya said. One of Hernandez's reps, Randy Hendricks, wrote in an E-mail, "There is really nothing to comment on at this time."

I was beginning to wonder if the Mets were going to try to bring Hernandez back.

Fox Sports: A look at some of the starting pitching available
We've been hearing that the Mets are looking at upgrading their starting pitching. Ken Rosenthal takes a look at some of the starters still out there. Of interest to Mets fans, Rosenthal opines that a package of Lastings Milledge and Steve Trachsel might land Barry Zito in Queens next year. I find it hard to believe that Billy Beane, dealing from a position of strength, wouldn't ask for more. As much as I'd like to see Milledge at Shea someday, you'd have to jump on this one -- a trade for a still-young pitcher rather than an aging prima donna.

Javier Vazquez is rumored to be on the Mets' wish list, too. If they believe his problems of the last 2 years are strictly mechanical he might be worth a shot, especially if he came fairly cheaply.

Mets.com: Marty answers the mail
One of my favorite features on the Mets' web site is Marty Noble's Mailbag column, where he answers the questions of the great unwashed. Of interest:

  • Noble thinks Anderson Hernandez could supplant Matsui at 2B
  • Marty believes the Mets never had much interest in Alfonso Soriano coming here
  • The Mets do want Roberto Hernandez back in the bullpen, and Aaron Heilman will probably still be here next year.

One of my personal favorites was when a fans asked why Willie Randolph traded Mike Jacobs, and Noble had to explain to him that Willie isn't the GM. Good stuff.

Also on Mets.com: Marty Makes Me Happy
This warms my heart:

...the Mets' reluctance to deal Heilman or Milledge was reinforced Tuesday by members of the club hierarchy as they basked in the glow of the team's signing of closer Billy Wagner. One said neither will be involved in a deal that would import Manny Ramirez, making such an acquisition even less likely. And another expressed confidence the Mets could make the trades they need to make without dealing Heilman or Milledge.

"There's nothing -- no one -- we have in mind that we think will require us to move either [Heilman or Milledge]," another person said. "We think we can make the moves we want without hurting ourselves at other positions."

God bless you, Marty...

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