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Mets Hot Stove: A Meager Sunday Brunch

Mike SteffanosSunday, December 18, 2005
By Mike Steffanos

Enjoy your football today, Mets fans. There simply isn't anything happening in baseball. Even the one Mets article I found seemed more like an attempt to write something about baseball rather than real news.

Daily News: Octavio Dotel
Anthony McCarron reports that the Mets were one of the teams watching Octavio Dotel's workout in the Dominican Republic last week. Dotel is trying to come back from Tommy John surgery, and probably won't be able to pitch until mis-summer. Chances are you won't get much out of him at all until 2007.

I'd like to see the Mets get Dotel, but now we're hearing that even his deal will be influenced by the skyrocketing reliever's market. If his price goes up too high, I really wouldn't be broken hearted if Omar decides to pass. The Mets have some of their own coming back from injuries: Orber Moreno, Tyler Yates and Bartolome Fortunato; maybe you get lucky with one of them. In addition, there is that wildcard of Cuban Pitcher Alay Solar. Whatever happens, it's apparent that the Mets won't go into the season with a bullpen without big question marks.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Lots of potential buyers for the Braves
Tim Tucker tells us that the news that the Braves might be for sale has caused "many, many calls" to the investment banker that is handling the case. No word on whether the commissioner is considering my idea of contracting the team.

Fox Sports: Nomar a Dodger
Ken Rosenthal, among others, is reporting that Nomar Garciaparra has agreed to a one-year deal with the LA Dodgers. Once again, a desired target has jilted the Yankees, although if I was a Yankee fan, I don't think I'd be broken-hearted. If I was a Dodger fan, however, I might be wondering what the hell they were doing. Maybe they just want someone to keep J.D. Drew company on the disabled list.

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