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Mets Hot Stove: Keep it in your pants...

Mike SteffanosFriday, December 30, 2005
By Mike Steffanos

I was reading MetsBlog this afternoon and found a link to the following story:

Sheriff Sully: What not to do when caught cheating
This blogger offers us the reason Manny wants out of Boston so badly:

I've been telling friends the last few weeks that every media member in New England has this story but for whatever reason, no one was running it.

...Last season, Ramirez supposedly cheated on his wife of nearly three years and feeling guilty, told her.

...Without getting into specifics, supposedly, Mrs. Ramirez feels that her husband would be less likely to stray outside of Boston and thus, her demand.

In closing, despite having enough smoke that a fire appears likely, we weren't going to share this information.

However, apparently, the majority of the New England and national media have been talking about this for weeks, and it's time Red Sox fans knew the rumors, too.

So the reason that I'm being tormented by the constant Manny rumors is that:

A. Manny slept with some baseball groupie and

B. He was dumb enough to tell his wife about it afterward.

Apparently Manny never learned the 3 keys to any relationship: deny, deny, deny.

Former President Clinton was a master of this strategy. If you are literally caught in the act by your significant other, you deny that you were cheating. You deny things that don't even matter, like what you ate for lunch yesterday. You absolutely wear your partner out with denials. Soon, they're not sure what's true and what's not. But, whatever you do, never-ever confess to anything when you haven't been caught.

It's not too late, Manny, you can stay in Boston. Deny to her that you ever confessed. Deny that you ever cheated. Deny, deny, deny...

Repeat after me, Manny, "that's my story, and I'm sticking to it."

You dumb bastard.

MetsDaily: Audio Interview with Brain Bannister
John Strubel once again offers a nice antidote to non-stop Manny mania with an "In the Studio" interview with top surviving Mets' pitching prospect Brian Bannister.

Since relaunching the web site earlier this month, Strubel & company have done a terrific job, especially with the interviews. If you love following the Mets year round, bookmark this site.

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