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New Marty Noble Mailbag on Mets.com

Mike SteffanosMonday, December 12, 2005
By Mike Steffanos

In the latest installment of one of my favorites, Marty Noble answers our questions in a new Mailbag on the Mets' official web site.

I love his answer to someone's question about trading Cliff Floyd and Kaz Matsui for Manny (obviously not a real knowledgeable fan):

But why would the Mets do it? If you were assured that Floyd would produce 25 homers, 90 RBIs and 70 runs -- he was more productive than that in 2005 -- would you still spend players to take on Ramirez, his contract and all his baggage?

If you were assured he'd hit 40 home runs, drive in 120 runs, score 90 runs and be a greater presence in the order than Floyd, would you be willing to assume a $57 million obligation? Even if the Sox were to pay $15 million of it, would you take on $42 million for 15 more home runs, 30 more RBIs and 20 more runs each year for three years?

Floyd fit well with the Mets last season -- better, I suggest, than Ramirez would fit in this often-trying market. He's part of the fabric of the Mets. He responded to Randolph's challenge and had the second-best season of his career. The only baggage he has is what David Wright carries for him as part of the playful clubhouse hazing.

Moreover, the Mets' bullpen is thin, with Roberto Hernandez gone and Minaya not yet done. Deal Heilman, and the 'pen will be so thin, it will have no other side. At the same time, Milledge is not a guaranteed Major League regular, but if the Mets deal him, what will happen to the core of players Minaya says he wants to create?

Funny, I spend thousands of words on this and don't do as well as Marty Noble does in a couple of hundred. He's one of the best.

Also of interest are Noble's thoughts on why Anderson Hernandez might wind up as the starting second baseman before the season is over, and why Marty won't vote for Dwight Gooden for the Hall of Fame. Great stuff, as always.

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