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Loudmouth fans don't speak for me

Mike SteffanosFriday, January 27, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Someday maybe the media will realize a simple fact: while the squeaky wheel may indeed get the grease, that doesn't mean it speaks for all the other wheels...

New York Post: Joel Sherman answers Omar's critics
Joel Sherman pens a strong column in the Post, defending Omar Minaya against the charges of Latin bias. Apparently, Sherman received quite a bit of e-mail from Mets fans that didn't like what Omar is doing, causing Sherman to lament:

...if my e-mail is any window into the soul of Mets fans, I fear we have veered off the Glory Road toward a bigoted Gory Path.

The one thing I will find fault with here is Sherman's feelings that his e-mail is a "window into the soul of Mets fans". Why do people like Sherman seem to feel that the loudest and most obnoxious are representative of the group as a whole? I don't feel the need to e-mail sports columnists or call WFAN to air my views. I'm like most of you out there in that regard. The loudmouths out there don't represent me, and I don't believe they represent most of us.

I've been asked why I've chosen to name this blog Mike's Mets, rather than come up with a "cool" name. The simple answer is that I make no pretense that the views here represent anyone's but mine. I don't speak for you, reader, just to you. Sherman has been doing this long enough that he should understand each piece of e-mail is representative of the sender, period.

Daily News: Pedro "50-50" to pitch in WBC
Adam Rubin cites Mets GM Omar Minaya that there is a "50-50" chance that Mets' ace Pedro Martinez will pitch for the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic. Since Mets coach Manny Acta is managing the Domican team, the Mets are confident that Pedro won't be pushed too hard if he does pitch. Rubin quotes Acta on how pitchers will be used:

Those guys are going to get the same amount of work in those games that they'll have in spring training. By that point Pedro will be stretched out to 50 or 60 pitches. And then, by the end of the World Cup, if he has to pitch in the finals, 95 pitches will be the most anyway. Let's face it: We have a team with about five closers. You really don't have to allow the guys to go seven or eight innings.

Rubin updates us on Alay Soler, who has excelled in the Puerto Rican winter league. He cites new Mets utility infielder Jose Valentin, who has faced Soler in winter league action:

Soler is one of those guys, for not too much experience in professional baseball, he knows how to pitch. He doesn't throw hard - he's 90-plus mph - but he has great control. The guy knows what to do on the mound. He's going to be a good pitcher for this organization.

Rubin also reports on new Mets reliever Duaner Sanchez, who spent his childhood living in both the Domincan Republic and Manhattan. Sanchez is happy to be in New York, stating, "This is like my backyard."

Newark Star-Ledger: Happy Jose
Don Burke reports on Jose Reyes' successful quest to represent his country in the WBC this March.

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