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Good to Be Home

Mike SteffanosWednesday, February 8, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

I stopped updating the BlogSpot version of this blog in the interest of simplifying things. Most traffic is now coming in here. This is the permanent home of Mike's Mets.

For one last time (I promise) here is some information for regular readers:

If you have this site bookmarked, please update to www.MikesMets.com.

If you read this site through an RSS reader, you will need to update the feed source. The new one is: http://www.mikesmets.com/index.xml.

If you read this site through the Bloglines (or similar) service, you will need to subscribe to the new one. I have buttons on the new site in the lower part of the right navigation bar for common ones like My Yahoo, My AOL, My MSN.

If you read some of my stuff through the SportsBlogs.org's daily New York Mets entries, you won't need to do anything. They have already updated my info.

A note to SBC Yahoo and other My Yahoo Users

If you have added content from Mike's Mets to your customizable "My Yahoo" page from the old site, you will need to update it.

Click on the "Add Content" link from the bottom of the page. In the "Find Content" search box, search for "Mike's Mets". Unfortunately, 3 versions of "Mike's Mets" come up in the results. One is the old site, one the new, and the third one goes to the new site, too.

The old one has this discription:
New York Mets discussion, news and historical perspective by a fan of 35+ years.

I've decided that no one cares how long I've been a fan. The new one has this description:
New York Mets discussion, news and historical perspective.

The third one, interestingly enough, has no description at all.

Pick the one without the "35+ years" part at the end, that just says "New York Mets discussion, news and historical perspective" and you will have the new feed.

Sorry if this seems confusing -- I emailed Yahoo to see if the old one could be removed and got a form reply back.

By the way, if you have SBC Yahoo or another service that provides these premium, customizable My Yahoo pages, use them. Even if you're not interested in updates from this site, you can add lots of stuff you want to keep up on that is updated whenever the site updates. You can create new pages if you have lots of interests -- like one just for the Mets, another for football, another for whatever else -- you get the idea.

As with anything else related to this move, if you have any questions, use the email link to contact me.

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