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We probably need to stop talking about feet

Mike SteffanosThursday, February 16, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

It occurs to me that I've spent more time thinking about Pedro Martinez' toe this winter than I've spent thinking about my own feet for all of my 47 years. I'm not sure if that's funny or vaguely disturbing...

I've never been one of those weird guys that builds an elaborate perverted fantasy around women's feet. I've always been boring and conventional -- let's just say that meeting Jose Lima's wife in person would probably cause me to drool uncontrollably. Yet now I hang on every report concerning Pedro's puppies.

I even had a dream about Pedro's toe last night. Don't worry, it wasn't that kind of dream. But it still annoys me that a man's body part invaded the sanctuary of my sleep.

I've decided that this has got to stop. I'm calling a personal moratorium on thinking about any guy's feet -- not even mine. I'm going back to thinking about all things shapely and female. I don't want to hear anything else about this toe until and unless it affects something that matters -- like the regular season.

So here are the updates on Pedro's toe, but this is the last time. I mean it.

Ah, who am I kidding?

Newsday: Not quite right
David Lennon reports that Pedro Martinez' now famous shoe, which finally arrived yesterday, already requires some modification. Lennon cites Pedro that the biggest problem is a metal cleat located right below the damaged cartilage and ligaments in his toe:

The cleat is still in the same place. They're going to have to move it a little bit further back and I can still feel it. Even though I am well protected today, they are going to have to actually move it back. I'm going to adjust to it. I'm starting to make adjustments. It's OK for now.

The inside feels more comfortable. All they need to do is correct the cleat. I'm going to go with this and see what they can do.

Assistant trainer Mike Herbst gets credit for designing protective padding for Pedro's old cleats, and modifying the new ones yesterday so that Pedro could try it out.

NY Times: More on the shoe
Ben Shpigel offers his own take on the shoe saga, including a summary of the much-hyped shoe's arrival:

The most anticipated arrival here was not delivered by armed guards or a police escort or in a helicopter with an oversized swoosh on the door. It came rather unceremoniously, in a Federal Express truck, and was taken by a clubhouse attendant to the Mets' minor league clubhouse.

I understand in this age everyone is supposed to get their 15 minutes of fame, but Pedro's toe has become a celebrity in its own right, and that's just weird...

Daily News: More on feet
Adam Rubin offers a quote from Pedro Martinez on other parts of his anatomy:

My arm feels fine. My back is fine. The foot feels okay. I feel it in some cases, but I didn't expect it to be fine right away.

Rubin goes into some detail on how the shoe will work, and also offers the nugget that Aaron Heilman has been issued a locker in a row with the four pitchers who are in the starting rotation -- indicating the starting job would seem to be his to lose.

Mets.com: Even more shoe stories
Marty Noble puts his sardonic sense of humor to good use in his retelling of the day's shoe saga:

The new shoes are different from any of those Martinez pulled from his stuffed duffle bag on Wednesday. His hair was combed differently than it had been on Tuesday, when he gave his first state of the metatarsal address. So Martinez was quite literally different from head to toe.

Hopefully, we'll make that the last word for the day on anything to do with feet.

Daily News: The new home
Paul D. Colford offers up a break from men's feet with a somewhat detailed look at the Mets new stadium. I was personally gratified to hear that the new stadium will have more rest rooms than the old one did, as I am not as young as I used to be.

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