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Better Late Than Never

Mike SteffanosFriday, March 10, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Had some weird problems this morning with the company that hosts my domain names, including this one. I apologize for not getting anything up there today. On a positive note I might be able to move back into my house later today, and I can get back to normal and catch up on some things that I wanted to do for this blog.

A note about differences of opinion
I don't expect everyone that reads my stuff to agree with everything I say. I'm not starting a cult here, I'm talking about baseball. If you want to challenge me in a comment that's fine -- as a matter of fact, I really enjoy it. Just because I disagree with you doesn't mean I don't respect you. I would hope you would feel the same way.

This World Baseball Classic seems to have stirred up some strong feelings in some of you. I'm sorry that it seems to bother you that I have a problem with it. I'll make a deal with you, though. If someone that supports the tournament as it exists right now wants to write down their thoughts and email them to me, I will publish them unedited on this site to give you equal time.

And now, belatedly, the news.

Daily News: Floyd Okay
Adam Rubin updates Cliff Floyd's condition:

Further tests have revealed the 33-year-old Floyd's kidneys are functioning at 48% of capacity - well above the level at which dialysis is required (15-20%). Still, Floyd intends to alter his lifestyle, reducing his salt intake by limiting his restaurant meals and halting, for now, the use of anti-inflammatory medication. Results of an ultrasound Floyd took yesterday should be available Wednesday and give doctors a better idea of how to treat his reduced kidney function.

Rubin also offers the following information on LHP Mike Venafro:

Mike Venafro, scratched from yesterday's relief appearance, finally has an explanation for the back discomfort that has hampered his career. The southpaw, whose legs are slightly different in length, has been wearing a one-third-inch pad in the wrong shoe for years - essentially doubling the difference between his leg lengths rather than correcting it. Mets doctors discovered the trouble and are easing him into the proper padding. Venafro was in good spirits yesterday, though he confessed: "I was furious, but what can you do?"

More evidence that lefties are indeed a little off...

Bergen Record: Brian Bannister looking good
Steve Popper reports on pitching prospect Brian Bannister, who is imposing himself into the Mets thinking. Even if Bannister starts the year in AAA, which seems likely, he has proved that he is ready to step in at the major league level if needed.

New York Post: The Walking Wounded
Mark Hale provides a quick update on some Mets with injury concerns.

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