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Dirt Bags Say the Darndest Things...

Mike SteffanosSunday, March 19, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

It's a somewhat slow Sunday when it comes to real Mets news. The Dominican Republic was eliminated by Cuba in the WBC, so all of the Mets should soon be back in camp. Other than Juan Padilla, all have thankfully returned to the team in one piece. With so little happening on the baseball side, the most interesting story concerns a betrayal of trust.

In today's New York Post Michael Morrissey reports on the rift between Tom Glavine and John Schuerholz over the book that the Braves' GM has written. Schuerholz revealed private conversations with Glavine just before he signed with the Mets where Glavine experienced second thoughts about leaving Atlanta.

Schuerholz has offered up a somewhat self-serving version of why he published those conversations, and has tried to talk to Glavine about it, but Glavine is angry and avoiding him. I'm sure people with a Braves' slant will blame it on Glavine, while those of us that love the Mets enjoy seeing Schuerholz given a little bit of a black eye. There is a large contingent in the national media that likes to simplistically portray New York as the bad guy and teams like Atlanta as the good guys of major league baseball. They often seem to spin everything on the Mets in a negative manner and the Braves in a positive manner. I'm sure they'll do the same with this, but spin it as you will -- the bottom line is that Schuerholz betrayed a confidence to sell more books.

For what it's worth, here is Schuerholz' side of the story:

The agony over [Glavine's decision to leave Atlanta] was something our fans haven't had the chance to read about in the last couple of years, because he's been portrayed kind of as a mercenary soul and a union leader and a money-grubbing this and contentious negotiator. But I thought that story was a way for people to read, 'Here's a guy whose humanness is as grand as his competitiveness.' I thought sort of in a subtle way, everybody would get it. I think everybody did - but maybe one.

This is cool! John Schuerholz is a scumball, and he's more or less blaming Glavine for not understanding his altruistic motives for sharing this story. I imagine he was able to keep a straight face while mouthing that ridiculous self-righteous crap, which goes a long way to explaining how he was able to get the better of so many opposing GMs over the years. You gotta love it...

The bottom line is that it doesn't matter much. Mets fans will care if Glavine pitches well or not this season. It will bother very few of us that he experienced second and third thoughts. As for Schuerholz, if he really was as sensitive towards Glavine as he claimed to be, Glavine wouldn't have found out about what Schuerholz wrote through reporters.

Bergen Record: Hernandex gets his shot
Steve Popper reports on Anderson Hernandez, who now has a real shot at being the Mets' opening day second baseman.

New York Times: We'll be seeing you...
Ben Shpigel reports on Mike Pelfrey, who had a good look at what it will take to stay in the major leagues, and will now try to earn his way back. Pelfrey understands what he needs to accomplish beyond honing secondary pitches to complement his major-league caliber fastball:

Everyone here is so consistent. They're good all the time. That's how I need to be.

Newark Star-Ledger: The Real Pedro
Don Burke offers up a long conversation with Pedro Martinez, discussing the non-baseball side of his life.

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Comments (4)

1. Kaz was batting .200 his play at 2nd was 'erratic', now his health is 'compromised'. Kepp, had the job won 'again' now I hope to see consistency in the infield. Kepp always goes 1-4/2-4 etc hitting 2nd vey much like Fonz. Sure his range is not Alomar-esque, then again....

2. AH I foresee will be at AAA as a 2nd baseman/SS. And If BSox decide to part with clement or someone has a top tier starter say goodbye.

3. Julio looks like the heir apparent for the boo-birds. Jorge may well start on the IR.

Interesting that Traxx, iriki and glavine have looked very vulnerable. Thus Pelfrey is getting a much longer look, likewise bannister. Again, I think more and more that Bannister is a legitimate candidate to be #5.

I'm not sure that Hernandez is the type of prospect that's going to pull in any kind of decent starter. You'd have to give up a lot with him. As for Clement, I'd think I'd rather see someone who throws strikes. We've has enough like him, big on talent, no consistency.

I can't believe they're booing Julio already. The atmosphere around this team has really been poisened over the last few years. Granted, he did suck today.

I don't think Trax or Glavine are vulnerable at all. Iriki who knows. He actually looked decent until last time out. I think they're commited to Pelfrey doing at least some time in the minors. I would have thought Bannister would go to AAA for at least a while, but now it wouldn't surprise me if he got the 5 spot.

Schuerholz is a complete jerk. He "tries" to fix things, and manages to insult Glavine again.

Like I said, Schuerholz is such a God to some of the national media types, it will be fun to see how they spin this. In the meantime, it gives me license to poke fun at Schuerholz.

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