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Here's One I Can Recommend

Mike SteffanosThursday, March 9, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Yesterday I wrote about what I felt about the movie Game 6. Like many Mets (and I assume Red Sox) bloggers, I was contacted by the movie's marketing company. Despite the fact that I respected the intelligence of whoever realized it was a good idea to seek some free publicity from baseball bloggers, I couldn't in any conscience recommend it to Mets fans. I won't repeat the reasons, if you want you can check out yesterday's post on the subject here.

I mentioned that I was eagerly awaiting the release of the forthcoming release of the DVD boxed set on the 1986 World Series. Someone contacted me for more information on the DVDs, and I thought this was something I really wanted to give some free publicity to. I've already got the set on pre-order from Amazon.com, and it's supposed to ship at the end of the month. I'll do a review of it when I receive the set. Here's the info from New Video:

New York Mets 1986 Collector's Edition
Mets DVD SetAmazin'! The Miracle Mets at their Best!
October of 1986--for New York Mets fans, it was an unprecedented, unparalleled rollercoaster of emotions stretching from the gripping National League Championship Series to the unfathomable World Series against the Boston Red Sox. A time when plays, players--Knight, Carter, Dykstra, and Mookie--and announcers' words were forever etched in time, "...it's a slow roller to first..."

All the twists, turns, failings and redemptions of the 1986 World Series are preserved forever with this remarkable, one-of-a-kind DVD collection. Eight complete game broadcasts--more than 20 hours of the magic of the AMAZIN' METS championship team are included. From the marathon 16-inning, pennant-clinching victory in Houston to the gutsy World Series games victories in Fenway Park, right through to the miraculous Game 6...and to the team's last valiant, fantastic comeback in Game 7--all the plays, the dramatic moments, and joy of the Mets remarkable 1986 Fall Classic are here.

Your viewing of these historic games is intensified with SleeveStats: the perfect companion to the ultimate baseball DVD experience, offering official stats, trivia, and game summaries right on each DVD's package.

DVD Features Include: 1986 World Series Clubhouse Victory Celebration; Official Trophy Presentation; Post-game interviews; 1987 Ring Ceremony and Championship Banner Unveiling; Exclusive Interviews - Mookie Wilson, Gary Carter, Ray Knight, Keith Hernandez, Kevin Mitchell, Lenny Dykstra, Bill Buckner, Bill Robinson; Special Game Footage - Mets Clinching National League Eastern Division, Dykstra's game-winning, walk-off homer NLCS Game 3, Carter's game-winner NLCS Game 5

As I've already said, I found this video at Amazon.com, and I'm sure it's at many of the other usual retailers.

DVD Set Page on New Video's web site

1986 World Series DVD Set on Amazon.com

Comments (2)

If you are a Mets or Red Sox blogger you were most likely contacted by someone at Takeout Marketing about pumping this film. I received an email from them asking me to provide coverage on my site, which I did. The initial email also listed contact data should you want to attend the premiere or interview anyone involved in the film. Naturally I sent a request for tickets to the premiere. I did not receive a response to that request. The only thing I got back was another email asking me if I mentioned the film was opening on my website. Needless to say I immediately took down the 'Game 6' info that I listed. As a legitimate businessman, I feel that Takeout Marketing used unethical tactics in promoting this film. Their feeble attempt to manipulate the blog world backfired. Bloggers are not all hackers and misfits. Many are intellectuals, journalists and entrepreneurs. I'm sure many of them are hammering away right now. Perhaps they can seek solace in the fact that the film opened to poor reviews.

Well, there isn't much doubt that Takeout Marketing was looking to use Mets bloggers to plug a film that had almost nothing to do with the Mets. The guys from Faith and Fear in Flushing went so they got tickets:


You didn't miss anything, but I don't blame you for being ticked. I never requested tickets, so I can't say.

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