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I Meant to Offend

Mike SteffanosWednesday, March 1, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Yesterday I wrote something that was prompted by some things I've been reading about Jose Reyes. There was another article that I didn't even link to, which Ryan from Always Amazin' already did an excellent job in refuting. The pompous young author of that article was the type of self-important little jerk that drives me up a wall.

If I gave the impression in what I wrote that I believe all study of baseball statistics is useless, that is certainly not the case. I've become fascinated by the subject in the last few years, and I believe it has a real place in baseball. Every club uses this information now to make decisions; some more than others, of course.

If I offended all young guys out there that believe there is a place for statistical analysis of baseball, I apologize. I understand there a lot of you that are sophisticated and knowledgeable baseball fans that use stats as a starting point for analysis. For an excellent example of this type of writing, visit the Mets Geek web site.

If, however, you are a young, pompous self-important little jerk like the author of that silly piece I discussed in the opening paragraph -- one who believes that statistical analysis tells you everything about baseball -- I regret that I failed to be offensive enough to insult you in the manner that you truly deserve. It's tough to work up enough contempt for someone who is silly enough to be beneath contempt.

For an intelligent use of stats to talk about Reyes, see today's post at The Metropolitans.

The Journal News: Wagner will not pitch in WBC
John Delcos reports that Billy Wagner has decided not to pitch in the World Baseball Classic, quoting Wagner:

I put a lot of thought into it. I want to be comfortable with my new teammates and surroundings. Every player wants to play for his country, but I have to be concerned with what is best for me. ... Right now, I'm not in shape to help the U.S. team.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm breathing a sigh of relief over this.

Newsday: Stop the Presses!
David Lennon reports on Jose Reyes' remarkable feat of walking twice in the first intersquad game. Reyes' long, battling AB against Billie Wagner particularly impressed manager Willie Randolph:

That was an excellent at-bat against a tough, tough pitcher. That's why when you talk about young kids, and things they can't do, sometimes you just give them some time. You've got to be patient.

The idea and the concept is what he has to feel. And an at-bat like that, even though it may not seem like a lot, when you reinforce that later on, he starts to understand what you're talking about.

Mets.com: Pedro
Marty Noble has a comprehensive story on Pedro's efforts off the mound yesterday. Noble quotes Martinez that the special shoe doesn't completely shield the toe from the strain of pitching:

I feel the toe a little bit more. I prefer to do it like that and get used to doing it the way I usually do it and see what the results are going to be.

...Now I know more about how much it will hurt to pitch. I can prepare myself.

New York Times: Franco eats a lot
Ben Shpigel describes Julio Franco's morning eating routine, which involves consuming mass quantities of egg whites and other healthy stuff.

By the way, I'm the same age as Julio, and generally accepted to be in quite good physical condition. My morning routine consists of consuming massive amounts of coffee. I used to supplement that with a half pack of cigarettes, but I quit last year. My stomach usually requires several hours after waking before tolerating food. Even reading about what the guy eats made me gag several times.

Newark Star-Ledger: Who hits second?
Don Burke has a good story on who might bat second in the Mets' lineup. According to Burke, Willie Randolph's candidates are David Wright, Paul Lo Duca, Carlos Beltran and Kaz Matsui (if he wins the job).

I'm going to stay out of this for now, except to say that I would not be in favor of David Wright hitting second. I don't want him taking a pitch he could hit so that Reyes gets a chance to steal. Wright needs to bat 3, 4 or 5, period.

Daily News: Leaving Camp
Adam Rubin reports on all of the players heading out of Mets camp after tomorrow's grapefruit league opener.

ESPN: Developing young Latinos
Kevin Baxter has a nice piece on how some teams, including the Mets, are developing more than just the baseball skills of young Latino ballplayers.

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