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Let's Get It On...

Mike SteffanosFriday, March 31, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

The SNY questions still linger, a few roster jobs are up for grabs. We all have our favorites for the few remaining jobs. I'd like to see Heath Bell get a shot with the team over Jose Lima, who has failed to give me a reason to believe, but I'm not going to lose sleep if it goes the other way. (I will avert my eyes whenever Lima comes into a game, though.) I would question keeping Darren Oliver on the roster, despite the fact he's done okay this spring. He was never that great when he was in his prime, and a mediocre lefty that doesn't get left-handed hitters out very well does not excite me. The last few years of John Franco were more than enough.

I still favor Victor Diaz over Xavier Nady, but I'm willing to give Nady the chance to prove me wrong and hit decent against right-handed pitching. Victor on the bench... Victor in Norfolk... whatever. I have a feeling either way he'll get another chance to prove he belongs. Nady seems like a nice kid, and he plays the game the right way. If he can deliver on some of his promise he'll grow on me. Either way, I'm over the Cameron deal in the same way I've moved on beyond Scott Kazmir, Jason Bay and Benson for Julio. You just make yourself crazy worrying about stuff you can't change.

I'm not going to get up on my soap box this morning about Mets fans rights to watch their team play -- even I'm getting bored with my own opinions on that matter. It's time to play it out, to see how all these winter moves turn out. Enough hot air, let's play ball.

Bergen Record: Xavier Nady
Xavier Nady relaxed, took a deep breath, and broke out of an ugly slump with a nice 3 for 3 day yesterday. Steve Popper quotes the Mets right fielder on what when wrong:

Being a competitor you want to go out and prove that you were worth acquiring. I was excited and then when you start getting frustrated, and trying too much, obviously it was more a mental thing. I found myself stepping in the box thinking, "What could I try mechanically?" The next thing I knew the ball is in the glove so that was a waste.

When somebody trades for you, you want to show them that I was worth it, that I was excited to be here and wanted to contribute to this team. I think along with that I got caught trying to do a little bit too much.

The Journal News: Decisions, decisions...
John Delcos reports on the players competing for the last few roster spots. Heath Bell's name didn't pop up among the pitchers. Delcos also reports that Mitch Wylie, the rule 5 draftee who looked good at times this spring, reconsidered his decision to leave the team, and will report to Norfolk.

The Journal News: Keith and Ron
Jane McManus writes about the new Mets play-by-play men.

New York Post: Diaz Would Rather Sit in New York
Mark Hale reports that Victor Diaz hopes to stick as the team's fifth outfielder.

New York Times: The Last Few Spots
Ben Shpigel discusses the players vying for the last few roster spots.

The Mets 1986 World Series DVD Set
In the first day after receiving them, I've watched some of the game footage and most of the special features. I'll try to get a review up some point this weekend, but the short version to any serious Mets fan: what the hell are you waiting for? I have a couple of extremely minor quibbles with it, but it's still an awesome set.

A note about the price: when I pre-ordered this set before its release, Amazon.com charged me $63, which I mentioned previously. It's now out, and they're charging $67 for it, which is still as cheap as I found it. If anyone finds a better price, please let me know and I'll pass it along.

New Baseball Site
John Strubel, who was the force behind the popular Mets Daily web site, is back with a new project: TheBaseballReport.com. Give it a look.

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