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Memo to DirecTV: Make a Deal with SNY Now

Mike SteffanosSaturday, March 25, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

There's not a lot to talk about today. Beltran's bunt in a spring training game has virtually dominated the stories in the local dailies, which pretty much tells you how little else has happened.

For many of us Mets fans, the SNY situation is still a burning question. Certainly now that Cablevision has made their deal, others will follow. Then you have people like me, whose cable system apparently doesn't consider subscribers that are Mets fans a "priority". Here is what Adelphia Tele-media cable's spokesman said in an interview with a reporter from the Torrington, CT newspaper:

NESN (the Red Sox channel added by Cox just last year) is more of an important issue from a business sense. Low on the list is the Mets.

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That line about NESN was a joke. They've had years to add that channel, now all of a sudden it's a more important issue. It's just a smokescreen. Put that aside, though, what kind of company makes a statement like that? Usually they try to be diplomatic and pretend that they care about their customers. Tele-media couldn't be bothered with that.

I hope if you are a Mets fan and an Adelphia Tele-media customer in the Naugatuck valley or greater Waterbury area that you will do what Lisa and I have done -- contact the company and let them know that their spokesman's comments offended you. As a Mets fan, the choice is yours -- you can sit around and lick your wounds while feeling sorry for yourself, or you can call Adelphia customer service at (888) 683-1000 or email them from a form on their web site.

Meanwhile, I promise you that once DirecTV and SNY come to an agreement, there will be one less Tele-media customer. In an article in Newsday by Neil Best, we read this:

SportsNet New York's debut on Cablevision Thursday gave the Mets' new outlet distribution from all three of the area's major cable companies, joining Time Warner and Comcast, part-owners of SNY. Now the focus will turn to the two major satellite distributors. An industry source said DirecTV almost certainly will sign on in time for the April 3 opener.

Words... Time for action. If DirecTV is serious about getting Mets fans like myself as subscribers, make a deal. Stop screwing around.

Bergen Record: He's Bunting Again
Steve Popper reports on Carlos Beltran's bunt against Chris Carpenter yesterday. Despite Willie Randolph's desire that Beltran think more like a run producer, Popper quotes the Mets' CF that he will not change his style:

That's the way I play the game. I like to win ballgames and I will do whatever it takes to help the team win. In that situation, even if it's the first inning, you're facing a guy who's a good pitcher, so we have the opportunity to score runs early. We can't waste those opportunities. So I feel like, get the guys over and let Carlos [Delgado] get them in.

Actually Randolph wasn't unhappy with Beltran's bunt, which came in the first inning with runners on first and second, no outs. I my opinion, however, that early in the game you hate to give up an out. I guess we can chalk this up to "Beltran being Beltran".

Baseball Prospectus (Subscription Needed): Team Health Report on the Mets
BP's Michael Groopman and Will Carroll offer the Health Report on the New York Mets, where they project the likelihood of players staying healthy. Not surprisingly, they see Pedro Martinez, Cliff Floyd and Paul Lo Duca as most at risk.

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Yay! SNY and Directv finally reached a deal... I'm glad I only missed one game, I was starting to worry.

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