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Morning News: Cliff's Health

Mike SteffanosThursday, March 9, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Work still continues on my house, affecting my access to the Internet and my ability to stay up on what's happening with the Mets. Here are a few interesting picks from this morning; check back later this afternoon for more.

Newsday: Health Concerns for Cliff
With all the gloom and doom surrounding the Mets this season, David Lennon provides a reality check with the news that Cliff Floyd might be facing kidney problems. I'm not losing sleep right now about Pedro's toe, but I'll be keeping Cliff in my prayers.

New York Times: Stranger in a Strange Land
Ben Shpigel reports on Yusaku Iriki's adjustments to pitching in the United States.

The Journal News: Brian Bannister
John Delcos profiles Brian Bannister, who understands what he needs to do to make it as a major leaguer:

For me, it's not the ability; it is the confidence. Confidence is what takes your game to the next level. There are three objectives: making it to the major leagues, contributing, and being successful. I don't just want to get there. I want to be successful.

Gotham Baseball: WBC: Bad Timing?
In his weekly Out of Bounds column, Mike McGann talks about how the WBC is diminishing spring training for all of the fans. McGann's suggestion that the tournament be moved to the fall makes a lot of sense, and would remove my opposition to it. Unfortunately, Bud Selig doesn't really care about what makes sense.

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Comments (6)

See having the WBC in the fall doesn't make much sense cause by NOvember, everyone's all fatigued. Some players havn't picked up a ball in 2 months.
I say leave it in Spring Training when players would be throwing these innings REGARDLESS.
They're not taxing thier arms, and they're not adding more millage, they're simply being redirected.

A pitcher might be throwing innings and spring training, but not with the same intensity as in competitive games like these. Plus, I don't know about you, but I'm concerned with Jorge Julio missing weeks of working with Rick Peterson.

A pitcher won't be throwing them in the same intensity?
Says who?
Reading today, Oswalt was out there throwing fastballs from 95 mph-97mph.
Maybe there's more on the line and there's more pressure but I don't know about the intensity.
Plus, think about the guys in the WBC, for the most part, these aren't little rookies, these are veterans and professionals. I think they know how to take care of business by now. And how to act this early in the year.

And your concern is Julio not hanging out with Rick Petterson? Well then, you worry too much. All the chillin' with Ricky P ain't get help him.

C'mon, give me a break -- most pitchers aren't even throwing all of their pitches yet -- especially hard breaking pitches, and Oswalt throwing 95 doesn't mean that he's going all out. Spring isn't true competition -- it's a time to gear up. You like the WBC in the spring, that's your right. I don't. Plus I don't like the fact that some teams have a lot of guys in this thing like the Mets, and some have none.

We're not going to change each others minds on this one, that's cool.

Have you been wathing any of these games?
If you have then how could you still be mad?
If you havn't then you really should.
Think about the Met players in it.

Carlos Beltran, Endy Chavez, Carlos Delgado, Pedro Felician, Jorge Julio, Dae-Sung Koo, Juan Padilla, Jose Reyes, Duaner Sanchez, Jose Santiago, Jose Valentin, Victor Zambrano.

It's 11. Butyou can minus, Mr. Koo and Padilla, one is not on the team anymore and the other dropped out. So out of those 9 players, only 3 are important and you can make a case for Sanchez, so 3 and 1/2 players are important to the Mets on this thing. And one of those guys hasn't even played a game yet and when he does he'll DH.

I say its not too shabby. Alot of people see that the mets are sending 11 but c'mon now, the season doesn't end if you lose Jose Valentin or Jose Santiago.

The teams you should feel bad for are the Orioles who are sending alot of thier important talent. Hell the poor Reds are sending Ken Griffey Jr.!!!!

The Tigers practically send thier entire infield.

The Marlins have sent the only 2 players that matter to that franchise!

The Angels are sending VERY important parts of thier pitching staff. With 3 guys that have had problems with health last year. 2 of them ended the season on a bad and unhealthy note.

So the Mets situation is not that bad.

And if you don't like the fact that teams are missing thier stars I guess you should Call Bud Selig or the MLBPA.

Benny, when did I ever say I was mad? I just think having this thing in the spring is a terrible idea, and I have expressed that here, which certainly is my right.

I think Selig is an idiot, and I expressed that. I can respect your opinion, which I have already told you that I do. You however, can't seem to respect my opinion. That is your problem, not mine. Peace.

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