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Outside Looking In

Mike SteffanosThursday, March 16, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Sorry to all of you out there, like me, who have been frozen out of watching the Mets on TV tonight. Apparently, that e-mail that a Cablevision customer posted to my site was indeed premature, and customers that tuned to channel 60 were not rewarded with what had been promised. The word now is that eternally annoying we're working on it.

I'd still trade places with you in a heartbeat, because Adelphia, my cable provider, isn't even working on it. They are in bankruptcy, supposedly to be sold to Comcast and Time Warner. This would work in my favor in the long run, but you keep hearing different things about when this sale will got through. In the meantime, no Mets. Like many of you, I am in Met limbo. They always seem to find a way to take the game a little further away from the fans, don't they?

If SNY comes to an agreement with DirecTV, I can look into becoming a subscriber. Complicating this somewhat is the fact that Lisa wants to move out of the house we are renting (I'm sick of it, too) and buy a condo. Since I know nothing about satellite, I'll have to look into how hard it is to move with it -- and what happens if I wind up living somewhere without reception.

For the time being, I'm just going to curl up into a fetal position and whimper a little. I feel like the nerdy kid that's the only one in his neighborhood not invited to the cool party. Curse you, Fred Wilpon! Choke on your money.

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Comments (5)

It's crazy right? I live in vernon CT and I don't get SNY even though my cable is com-cast. go figgure that one out.I also can't get mlb package because Im in the sny local area. WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO NOW???????????????????? You know sometimes if not all the time it is really hard to be a mets fan. Are team usualy sucks, we make crappy trades, we are always second fiddle to the yankees, and now I can't even watch the team I root for even though I get YES and yankee stadium is farther away then shea.And whats even better is tht we finnaly have a good team. After all the years of watching us suck ass, we are a great team this year and I wont be able to watch them win. FUCK ALL YOU PEOPLE INVOLVED WITH SNY

Sorry Im just really pissed right now. Im the worlds biggest mets fan in CT. This situation just blows. Sorry for all the F-bombs.


OK ....I feel better ,mets beat the braves, and matsui just got hurt. Now hernandez can play second like he should have all along and any win over the braves puts a smile to my face.

Hang in there, Dan. I heard SNY will be on CT Comcast by the end of the month. Why there is a delay for their own station is beyond me. Maybe they made some deal with the local sports bars...

I have DirecTv and my family and I moved a few years ago. The move was painless. You actually leave the dish in the OLD house and take the boxes with you. Then they send someone to your new house and hook you up. It's a way to hook the new residents of your old place.


Hi Scott. Thanks for your input. I've had all of my questions about DirecTV answered. I'm in the process I've writing today's post where I talk about it.

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