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SNY Mania

Mike SteffanosThursday, March 16, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

SNY fires up its operation today, and most of us are on the outside looking in. Despite the e-mail that was sent out to subscribers yesterday, apparently there is still a possibility that SNY will not be carried this evening by Cablevision. I guess the company is now claiming that this e-mail was "premature" on the part of customer service reps, but if nothing else, maybe it puts a little more pressure on Cablevision to get the deal done.

Then you have people like me, whose local cable company is in the process of being sold to Comcast. It seems like nothing will get done until this deal goes through, and we can't get a definite date on that. I hear optimistic projections of May, and less optimistic projections of late summer. The most aggravating things is that there's nothing definite. Once Comcast takes over, they still have to add the station. Who knows when that will be?

Lisa and I might be moving out of where we live in the not too distant future, so now there is a question as to whether I should even go the satellite route when I might be leaving this summer. This whole thing has been giving me a headache, as I am sure it has to many of you.

I guess we can all console ourselves with the fact that Fred and Jeff Wilpon will make a lot of money off this venture. For those of us who live in places that will be shut out of 3/4 of our team's games, we can at least feel good for them.

New York Post: Pedro's Live Batting Practice Goes Well
Mark Hale reports on Pedro's successful BP session from yesterday. Hale quotes pitching coach Rick Peterson on how it went:

It was a big step forward. He had command of all his pitches. He had a lot of stamina. All in all, it was a good day.

The next big step for Pedro will be pitching in an actual game.

Bergen Record: Cliff Floyd
Steve Popper updates us on Cliff Floyd's condition. Floyd received good news on the test results, and is now free to focus on baseball again:

I'm just happy that we can erase all this stuff and just worry about baseball. I will continue to monitor, of course. I have to check in with [the doctor] more often than I have in the past in terms of worrying about my kidneys and stuff. ... But as far as me actually being sick, I'm not sick at all.

I'm happy. I'm just happy that we can move on. It's more just I'm really happy that I just got an opportunity to get a hold of it and make sure that I start checking myself and making sure everything's good.

MetsBlog: SNY Cable Update
Matthew Cerrone has information on the status of SNY negotiations in the local area.

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