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The Glavine Controversy

Mike SteffanosSaturday, March 11, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

It's in all the papers this morning. Tom Glavine had second thoughts about becoming a Met. It's all in a kiss and tell book by Brave's GM John Schuerholz. As reported by David O'Brien in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Schuerholz was convinced he needed to betray Glavine's confidence in order to make a few more backs off the book:

"It's not like me," said Schuerholz, who wrote the book with former Orlando Sentinel columnist Larry Guest. "But I was convinced by Larry and the publishers that in order for the book to have the attraction we wanted it to have, it had to be real and authentic."

Glavine's angry over the betrayal, probably figuring that, after it took so long for Mets fans to accept him, the revelations in this book will cause many to turn against him again. I guess a few might, but for me it's not that big of a deal. Glavine pitched in Atlanta for a long time, and still lives down there. Glavine had history down there -- when he came up as a rookie, they were still painting animals on cave walls in France. So he had second and third and maybe even fourth thoughts about going to the Mets? So what. Keep pitching well, Tom, and all is forgiven.

The only real revelation here is that Schuerholz is willing to be a little bit of a scumball to sell a few extra copies of his book. Good luck to him.

Newsday: Glavine reacts
David Lennon reports on Tim Glavine's reaction to the book, quoting Glavine on his irritation with Schuerholz:

Yeah, I'm a little upset about it. I don't think it's anybody's business. I really don't. That's the way I've always looked at it.

I'll say this and I don't want to talk about it anymore. It's interesting to me that for somebody who's been so tight-lipped about everything that goes on in that organization that I'm the only player that he's ever talked about when it comes to a negotiation.

To me, there's something that he feels has to be explained. If that's his deal, I don't know what to say. From my standpoint, it was a business discussion between two people or three people that should have remained that way.

Don't worry, Tom -- you're with a classy organization now...

New York Post: More injury updates
Mark Hale updates us on 3 Mets with injury concerns. Zambrano has some minor back issues that don't seem to be of any large concern. Delgado says he will not participate in the WBC until his elbow is 100%. Pitcher Juan Padilla is receiving a second opinion on his elbow today to determine if Tommy John surgery will be necessary.

Mets.com: Cliff Mad at the Press
In a story primarily about Met injuries, Marty Noble offers the following on Cliff Floyd:

Floyd, five days short of knowing the results of tests he underwent on Thursday and thinking the media had "done too much," promised -- and even bet -- his friend David Wright he would withhold public comment about any topic for 30 days.

Floyd has enjoyed a more than amicable relations with the media in Montreal, Florida and New York. Indeed, the New York chapter of the Baseball Writers' Association of America presented its "Good Guy" award to Floyd in January. He offered reporters the accounts of his situation this week and spoke openly about his father's kidney problems and eventual transplant. But he was stung on Friday when Cornelius Floyd was contacted.

"I've never heard my dad cry," he told a teammate who characterized Floyd as "pretty upset."

But in typical clubhouse needling, Wright good-naturedly challenged Floyd. "You can't go 30 days -- no way. I'll be reading the clips every day." And Floyd did break a smile -- though not his public silence.

Congratulations to the genius that called Cliff's dad...

Onion Sports: Don't Pick Me, You Jerk
Ed, who regularly challenges my limited intelligence in the comments, gave me the link to this funny story.

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Comments (2)

The days news highlights the brains behind this team.
Ok so what if Reyes is hurt, AHern can go. Ditto if delgado, Beltran or Floyd are hurt or miss time. I see no huge losses if someone goes down.

My disdain is that Maine has started so slow. no matter I think he and Jorge will play roles before long. Migel batista? joel Pinero?

I think someone needs a fantasy team called Willies wonderboys,

Maine probably is going to need some AAA time working on his mechanics, but you can see the promise. I guess you're not a big believer in Lima Time!, are you?

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