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They Can't Take That Away From Me

Mike SteffanosFriday, March 3, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Greg from Faith and Fear in Flushing has an excellent Flashback Friday on the way Red Sox fans like Ken Burns have systematically minimized the Mets achievement in the 1986 World Series -- the game 6 comeback in particular -- and made it all about the Red Sox. It's a great read.

On a personal note, in 1986 I worked in a large business surrounded by Red Sox fans. I would say Red Sox and Yankee fans outnumbered Mets fans in that place by a 20-1 ratio. I worked evenings from 3:30 pm - midnight with Sunday and Monday off. I was working the Saturday night that game 6 took place. My shift was almost over when the Red Sox took the lead in the top of the tenth. I clearly remember several Red Sox fans who knew I was a Mets fans taunting me on the way out.

I lived very close to where I worked. By the time I got home to my apartment the Mets had an out. My wife at the time was working her waitress job and I had the house to myself. I sat there in total silence as the improbable inning played itself out, up to the second when Knight crossed the plate with the winning run. I let out a huge primal scream that I'm sure scared the living hell out of everyone in my building. What a feeling!

By the time Tuesday rolled around and I was face to face with all the Red Sox fans again the series was over. Let's just say I made a point of finding all the Red Sox fans that taunted me on the way out of work. It was one of the better sports-related days of my life.

I continued to work with these people for a few more years, and witnessed first-hand the phenomenon that Greg described where Red Sox fans attempted to usurp the Mets triumph and make it about them. To this day, I find it amusing that many Mets fans feel an affinity with Red Sox fans. Not those like me that had to deal with them back then. We all know the truth -- Red Sox fans are located every bit as low on the evolutionary scale as Yankee fans. If you're forced to live among them, you realize that most Red Sox fans truly suck.

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