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Trouble in Paradise?

Mike SteffanosThursday, March 2, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Does anyone else find it significant that NFL owners are bickering among themselves about revenue sharing? The NFL is supposed to represent the pinnacle of parity and equal opportunity. Due to a massive national television contract that is split equally among all, cities like Jacksonville, Nashville and Indianapolis are able to compete on an equal footing with large markets like New York, Chicago and Philadelphia. Yet in this nirvana of supposed equality in sports -- which is supposedly a model for all other sports -- some teams are whining about certain revenues that are exempt from revenue sharing while others are questioning whether sharing all revenue removes the incentive to run your organization well.

In a Washington Post story from January, Patriots owner Robert Kraft voices the concern of an owner who has a well-run organization:

Whether you are a small market or a large market, you have to manage the business like any other industry, controlling costs, getting value for the money you spend and being sure you are giving your customers a quality product. If we don't maintain our entrepreneurial spirit, then our league will die.

We should have a revenue sharing system that preserves what we have always been doing, but I don't think there should be any free lunches.

The valid point here is that if you make everything equal, and remove all incentive to innovate and develop new revenue streams, why would any team extend itself to run its organization better than any other? I guess we haven't learned anything from the fall of the Soviet Union. In a desire to create a system (at least in theory) where everyone shared the wealth, there was little incentive for anyone to really extend themselves to create wealth.

Baseball will need to be careful of falling down this path in the idealistic pursuit of parity. Moreover, since there is no large national television contract in baseball, baseball needs to avoid making fans in one market pay a disproportionate share of the cost to subsidize baseball in another market.

For more thoughts on fairness issues, please see the Small Market/Large Market category.

Mets.com: Mets offense looks good in win over Cards
The Mets won their first exhibition game 12-7. The offense looked good, with Xavier Nady going 4 for 4 with a grand slam and 6 RBIs. Carlos Delgado also had 3 hits. Steve Trachsel had a less-than-effective start for the Mets, pitching 1 inning plus and giving up 4 runs.

For players such as Delgado and Carlos Beltran, this will be their last spring game with the Mets until their teams get eliminated from the WBC.

ESPN Deportes: Mets Invest in Latin America
Enrique Rojas reports on some of the programs the Mets are utilizing in Latin countries to develop their prospects as people, not just ballplayers.

Are you as tired of WFAN as I am?
I really wanted to listen to WFAN today to hear if anything was going on with the Mets, but had to turn it off when I got tired of Mike Francesa and Chris Russo's negativity towards the team. They were talking about Aaron Heilman like they had a clue about him, which was laughable. Russo is so anti- any New York team I often wonder what people see in him. He's like the New York sports fan's bratty little brother.

Even if it's not the on air "talent" turning me off to WFAN, it's the incessant silliness of Yankee fans and Mets fans sniping at each other. I feel like I'm back in junior high school. I'd love to hear some intelligent baseball talk. Maybe I need to check out satellite radio. Anyone have any recommendations?

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And is this novel? Hardly.Except that a handfull of teams invest heavily as compared to others, while others just scout and sign. The Mets have been fore runners in international development for over 10 yrs along with the dodgers and some less highly profiled.

I certainly like the export of talent, in return for local development, education international awareness and revenue influx. Gee 27 players out of maybe 75 in camp. Is THAT any different from say Tampa, the yanks or even St Louis?...............

Journalists should be liscensed and audited. Then sanctioned more heavily for their commentaries.

Maybe I need to check out sattelite radio. Anyone have any recommendations?

Check out XM2GO radio.....All the WBC games will be broadcast as well as every ML game......Some ST games as well....You can listen in the car...take the unit in your home....listen just about anywhere....

The music and talk shows offered are fantastic.....WARNING....XM Radio is addictive!

I am sending you a link to an XM fan site...tons of info...real helpful posters...If you are interested I will send you a link whereby you can pick up a Pioneer unti for $49.95


OOOPS...forgot the link...enjoy:


Thanks, Tom. I'm going to check it out.

Hey Mike. So glad you mentioned your displeasure with WFAN. For too long now, they have influenced the majority of the fairweathered Mets fans. I said it before and I'll say it again, Frances, Russo and Beningo (of all people) beat the Mets/ Matsui/ Beltran stink drum and the fans for some reason follow. It shows at the stadium too. It would be great if you wrote a column how it is NOT in the best interest of a real Mets to listen to that crap station unless you listen to Steve Sommers.
BTW, Holden Kushner on XM175 is a die-hard Mets fan. He has more of an informative show rather than shout at the caller type show. I highly recommend giving him a listen.

Thanks for the recommendation on XM. I'm going to have something up one day next week about WFAN.

Ed, for some reason your last 2 comments got blocked by the system. I'm sorry about that, I enjoy hearing what you have to say. I think I fixed the problem.

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