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Two Great Mets Sites -- One New, One Returning

Mike SteffanosMonday, March 13, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Happy Recap
This weekend a fellow Mets Blogger left this comment on my site about the infamous Game 6 movie:

If you are a Mets or Red Sox blogger you were most likely contacted by someone at Takeout Marketing about pumping this film. I received an email from them asking me to provide coverage on my site, which I did. The initial email also listed contact data should you want to attend the premiere or interview anyone involved in the film. Naturally I sent a request for tickets to the premiere. I did not receive a response to that request. The only thing I got back was another email asking me if I mentioned the film was opening on my website. Needless to say I immediately took down the 'Game 6' info that I listed. As a legitimate businessman, I feel that Takeout Marketing used unethical tactics in promoting this film. Their feeble attempt to manipulate the blog world backfired. Bloggers are not all hackers and misfits. Many are intellectuals, journalists and entrepreneurs. I'm sure many of them are hammering away right now. Perhaps they can seek solace in the fact that the film opened to poor reviews.

I was contacted by Takeout Marketing, as were many Mets bloggers, to promote this film. I live too far from New York to consider seeing the press screening, so I never requested tickets. I know Greg and Jason from Faith and Fear in Flushing went. I'd be curious to know if any other Mets bloggers requested tickets and never got them. Please leave a comment or shoot me an email.

But enough about that awful movie. John's comment prompted me to check out his website Happy Recap. I was impressed, and John tells me the site is a "work in progress," so he obviously has big plans for it. Check it out.

I'm glad that Barry from Metscentric decided to keep the blog going. Barry's been a Mets fan since the birth of the franchise. He's back today with a post titled My Favorite Mets. Give it a look.

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