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Victor Diaz

Mike SteffanosWednesday, March 8, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

It's kind of a quiet day for the Mets, and I'm still a homeless man. I only found a couple of items that interested me at all. I was impressed with the article on Victor Diaz linked to below. It's too bad that Victor probably is a long shot for the job that should be his to lose, but I think he understands what it will take to succeed. I just hope that he gets a chance for the Mets.

Newark Star-Ledger: Victor going the extra mile
Don Burke reports on Victor Diaz, who is fighting an uphill battle to remain on the Mets major-league roster this season. According to Burke, Diaz and Anderson Hernandez will be the only two recognizable names for the Mets that are making the trip today to play the Indians in Winter Haven, thanks to the WBC. Diaz is attempting to do all of the little things in the field, at bat and on the bases that he was somewhat lax in last season. Diaz realizes that things are stacked against him:

You just go out and play hard. In the back of my head I know I have a (minor-league) option left. That really stinks. You can go out there and work hard every day, improve every day and, at the end, there's an option.

It would really bother me to go back (to the minors). But the Mets know what they're doing.

Good luck, kid.

New York Post: Good day for Matsui
Mark Hale reports on Kaz Matsui's good game at second base against the 'stros yesterday. Kaz has struggled early and has been the target of heckling from people that obviously have nothing better to do than bring some negativity with them to spring training. Crazy.

In news much more important to Mets fans, Hale reports that Juan Padilla will see a doctor on Friday about discomfort he's been experiencing in his pitching elbow.

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Comments (3)

Kaz's resurgence has me beaming as maybe someone will take him!!!!

Kaz possibly has value as a SS and 2Bman. St louie for Jason Marquis. Or better to detroit for Nate Robertson or Mike Maroth. But NOT Vic Diaz for Marquis.

again; while Reyes is away, AH is a ss and leadoff hitter..........hmmmm
Kepp hit 3rd and went 2-5. Kepp hits period. His knock was 6HR(?) total in the minors. But he had 3 in 160 AB in the ML. but he does not muff routine plays. He is solid but not spectacular. He is charlie hustle. AND he does not kill rallies. Knowing this team I see Nady as a guy who plays 4 days week at 1st/LF/RF with some CF. Vic is the LF/RF. If Floyd or Delgado is injured then there is insurance. Also Lastings is NOT under representing.

Hey Ed. The knock against Keppinger is both lack of power and lack of walks. Matsui doesn't walk that much either, of course.

I've heard that, since Tampa Bay is out of the picture, there are zero takers for Matsui at any price. Maybe someone gets hurt somewhere and the Mets eat 90%+ of his salary.

If you can get St. Louis to part wirh Maquis for Matsui, you have my vote for GM.

You know, everybody and his brother picks Nady for RF, but my gut tells me Diaz is the better player. They'll probably give Nady the job and let him prove once and for all that Nady can't hit RHP.

Hey wuts Happening. I think that Kaz needs one more chance because I mean they are paying him like 7 million dollars. I think Anderson Hernandez and him share time and if Kaz can not prove that he cant lay off that offspead pitch in the dirt than that is when you trade him for a pitcher and then you let Anderson Hernandez take everyday position.

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