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Want to Give Your Brain an Enema? Do I Have a Movie for You!

Mike SteffanosWednesday, March 8, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Like many Mets bloggers, a couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the company that is doing the marketing for the upcoming movie "Game 6". According to them:

"Game 6" is a gritty, intense, articulate and witty tale of one man's encounter with his demons, his passions and his infatuation with failure. It is about playwright Nicky Rogan (Michael Keaton), a die-hard Red Sox fan who has lived his entire life in New York City. The movie takes place on October 25, 1986, the day of the opening of Nicky 's new play on Broadway and that historic sporting event, "Game 6" of the 1986 World series between the Red Sox and the New York Mets.

From the outset of the fateful day, things begin to go wrong. His daughter (Ari Graynor) informs him that his wife (Catherine O' Hara) wants a divorce. His mistress (Bebe Neuwirth) tells him that his lead actor has a parasite in his brain and can't remember his lines and an old acquaintance (Griffin Dunne) regales him with recent tales of Steven Schwimmer (Robert Downey, Jr.), the powerful critic so poisonous, so destructive, that the New York theatre community lives in terror of him.

Though he won't admit it, Nicky is desperate for another success on Broadway and impulsively decides to skip opening night of his play to watch his beloved team. Maybe he can break his downward spiral if his "cursed" Red Sox can finally win the World Series.

I respect the cleverness of whoever decided to contact Mets and Red Sox bloggers as part of the promotion for this film. They recognize that we write for an audience of serious baseball fans, and that was a potential audience for this film. We were even invited to press screenings. I wasn't interested in blowing a whole day in New York to go, but Greg and Jason from Faith and Fear in Flushing went, and what Greg had to say about it was pretty much as I expected. Greg's post prompted me to write about some of my experiences with Red Sox fans.

I knew from reading the synopsis of the film in that first e-mail that this wasn't a movie for Mets fans. In the whiny, self-indulgent world that Red Sox fans inhabit, there is no room to give that gutsy 1986 Mets team any credit for winning the '86 World Series. In the fanciful Greek tragedy these pathetic, egotistical folks have created for themselves, the Mets were only a bit player in that entire World Series. They say history is always written by the winners, but that's not the case here. Red Sox fans have seemingly managed to convince the rest of the baseball world that the 1986 series was all about the Sox.

So I would sooner have a root canal than watch that movie. I would enjoy a bleeding hemorrhoid more than spending 90 minutes of my life watching Game 6. Like many Mets fans, I am eagerly awaiting the upcoming release of the DVD set of that magical series. I want to relive what I know to be true, that the 1986 Mets were gutsy, determined -- and oh, by the way -- by far the better team in that series. I will never, ever, watch this movie.

I wasn't planning to write anything about it, either, but the guy from the marketing company followed up with an email:

Please let me know if you have provided coverage on your website or blog for "Game6" (and provide the link). Thanks!

Again, I have respect the creativity of the marketing plan, so I did write about it. Maybe you'll enjoy watching a 90-minute Red Sox pity party. As for me, living in the heart Red Sox Nation, I'll pass.

Also By Request
I received this e-mail today:

Hi: I noticed that you blog about the Mets. I'm a die-hard Mets fan and also just started a new sports wiki. I blogged an article on it suggesting that the Mets should, as evil as it may be, go after Roger Clemens. I'd really appreciate it if you could post something about my article on your blog. Also, if you want to help us develop our Mets encyclopedia, just follow the link below and start editing stuff.

If you're interested, here's the link.

I'm not really intrigued by this thing. There's no accountability. You don't even have to log in to anything to post articles, edit or even delete an entry. There is the following warning at the bottom of the page:

Please note that all contributions to ArmchairGM may be edited, altered, or removed by other contributors. If you don't want your writing to be edited mercilessly, then don't submit it here.

So if someone writes that the Braves will win the NL East, and I get ticked off, I can edit his article or even delete it? Given how childish some sports fans are, I think with all due respect, I'll pass on ArmchairGM.

Comments (2)

Kind of bad form on your part to be so harsh on these sites your linking, if you ask me. I'm sure that's not what the people who requested links had in mind when they contacted you.

I'm sure you requested links from your fellow bloggers when this site was in its infancy. What if they treated you in a fashion similar to the way you treated ArmChairGM?

"Here's a link to Mike's Mets. It's not my cup of tea, but maybe you'll like it."

If you're not behind what's on their sites, respectfully decline their request. But don't sabotage them by giving them a half-hearted endorsement.

I don't think I was that hard on ArmchairGM. I had a point to make about the movie that I felt was valid. Greg from Faith and Fear made more or less the same point. Actually, my point was more about how Red Sox fans (like the person who wrote the movie) have tried to steal the 1986 World Series away from Mets fans. I've lived this for 20 years. Have you ever lived among Red Sox fans?

Don't go holier than thou on me, Ed. I doubt I can single-handedly sabotage a Hollywood movie, despite the power you think I wield here. And, by the way, if someone wrote about me that I wasn't their cup of tea, I would respect their honesty. What you wrote about me in your comment was unfair, but I'm not going to delete it.

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