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Bannister Update

Mike SteffanosFriday, April 28, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

There is some print confirmation on Brian Bannister's hamstring injury. On Mets.com, Marty Noble is confirming what WFAN reported earlier. Doctors that administered an MRI to Brian Bannister have told the rookie pitcher that there was tearing of the hamstring, and have classified the injury as a "grade 1 strain", the mildest possible.

However, Bannister is still listed as day-to-day, and Noble quotes him that he's not quite sure when he'll be able to pitch again:

I've never had anything like this. It doesn't seem too bad. If I go too fast or move in the wrong direction, it grabs.

Still, it is good news, even if he misses a couple of starts. When I saw the injury live, it looked much worse, and I thought he would miss substantial time. I'll be interested to see when he'll start throwing again. I still suspect the 15-day disabled list is likely for him unless he heals dramatically in the next couple of days. The Mets have once again this year messed around too long with putting players on the DL. Without an off day until a week from Monday, I don't think they can afford to be a pitcher short.

If you missed it, see this post for fifth starter possibilities.

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Thanks again for this blog.

1. Bannister has been a find. In place of Bannister I'm not sure Maine is ready. He needs to develop a pitch first. I'd like a split finger pitch personally....but thats another debate.

2. I loved also the commentary on Wagner and Nady. I knew Nady was a gem, even I did not know he was this good.

3. As much as I hate to admit a 5th/6th starter may have to come from outside the organization. I wanted Zach Day and I am still optimistic the Nats will try to sneak him thru waivers.

I agree with you on Maine. He's better served by staying in Triple-A and coming up with other pitches.

All I knew about Nady was what I read. I knew he had power potential, but he seems like a good kid, too. I knowthere was a clamor among educated fans in SD to use him more. Guess they were right.

I think Omar would snap up Day in a second if he had the chance.

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