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Capitol Murder

Mike SteffanosThursday, April 13, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Mets 13 - Nationals 4

As happy as you as a Mets fan with these last 3 days, you have to empathize with Nationals fans. We know how a beating like this feels -- we have lived through enough of them these past few years. As for the Mets, things are just clicking right now. The offense, defense and pitching are all working well. Guess we'll enjoy this ride for as long as it lasts.

Victor Zambrano started for the Mets and looked pretty good for 3 innings, then really labored through 2 more. The final line was 5IP, 3ER, 6H, 3K, 4BB. I know some will jump on this, I'm inclined to give him a couple more starts to get it together. We can argue this at a later date. Darren Oliver followed with a pair of impressive innings, then Jorge Julio followed and looked rather Jorge Julio-like: another home run, a couple of strikeouts, and a sigh of relief when Duaner Sanchez pitched the ninth. Unless you're convinced the Mets are going to keep scoring runs at their current pace, I just don't see them having enough opportunities for Julio to struggle his way through to even have a chance to get it turned around. This is a guy that had no business pitching in the WBC this spring.

As for the offense, first inning home runs by Beltran (another tape measure job), Wright and Floyd took a lot of suspense out of the game early. Delgado added a 2-run shot in the third to put them up 6-0. Even when Zambrano struggled through the fourth and fifth innings, you never had the feeling the Nats were going to get back in the game.

Carlos Delgado and David Wright finished with 3-hit games. Cliff Floyd added an RBI double to his solo home run, and looked like he's ready to snap out of it. Xavier Nady struggled through a 1-5, and looked a little lost again. He has awesome power when he gets a mistake, but looks like a guy that can be pitched to. Hitting in front of Anderson Hernandez is probably going to preclude him from seeing many fastballs. It will be interesting to see if he can make the adjustment. He's one streaky bastard.

The Mets return to Shea tomorrow night to face the 6-3 Brewers, a team that has given them trouble in previous years, and seems poised to contend for a playoff spot this season. Tom Glavine takes the mound for the Mets, opposed by fellow southpaw Chris Capuano.

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Comments (6)

I have to tell you mike, the Mets have never started a season where I thought we had no shot at at least a .500 season. The Nats look so bad that I feel bad for the fans who bought season tickets and are going to have to sit through one horrible season.

I hear you, but you never know. You're never as bad as you look when your team's not hitting.

Scott, you must be young enough to have missed those Mets teams in the late '70s to early '80s. It would have been 7 straight 90-loss seasons if not for the strike-shortened '81 season. Those teams were a joke.

Congrats to your team for what you did to my Nationals over the past 10 days or so. I am so impressed by your lineup, and your back-of-the-rotation pitchers are much better than I anticipated. Also, it's hard to hate these Mets -- the players seem like nice, decent guys. Well, except for Pedro of course.... :)

Somehow, I think you'll have more enjoyable summer than I will. Of course, you have something we don't, and that makes all the difference.

AN OWNER!!!!!!


Hey, we had this owner for a long time, and he kept doing the wrong things. Now he finally wised up. When you get your owner, make sure he's a good one. Good luck, Farid.

Ownership is overstated. I dont think there is a richer man in baseball than Carl Pohlad, he of the near contracted twins.

Again I think the nats are very good, and last yr they were near .500 with a team that had Christian Guzman at SS. I have them in the race for a WC spot provided Houston fades. jorge is getting better, Yes he can give up the long ball, but the two SO are note worthy. We had Bert and loop last yr, and NO lead was EVER safe ALL yr, NO MATTER HOW big.

I did not see the game so I will reserve on VZ. But giving up late hits to nick johnson and Zimmer are hardly alarming considering the factors. His velocity and movement are key. The control will come. Plus he MUST spot his FB.

I saw it. After the game VZ said he got tires after the third. That's pretty much what I saw. You need to give him a couple more starts.

I think Julio has a chance of helping this team down the road, but I really believe he needs to straighten out his mechanics in Norfolk. He'll be away from the boo birds that are already all over him, and can pitch a lot and hopefully achieve some success to build on.

I have no opinion on how far the Nats will go yet. I have to see their starting pitching and how it turns out. No team is ever as bad as they look when they are slumping on offense. Still, I doubt a wild card run.

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