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Enter Sandman, Exit Blowhards

Mike SteffanosTuesday, April 4, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

WFAN's Mike and the Mad Dog, who gave Mets fans last spring's opening day "gloating at your pain" party, have a new gift for Mets fans this year. After Chris Russo let all Mets fans know that the Flushing nine would have definitely lost the game if the umpire hadn't blown the Soriano call, the dubious duo jumped on Billy Wagner's use of Enter Sandman as his entry music. Despite the fact that Wagner has been using the song for 10 years since Jeff Bagwell picked it out for him in Houston, MATMD feel that Wagner is committing sacrilege by continuing to use the song in Mariano Rivera's town.

Of course, Francesa was generously willing to give Wagner the benefit of the doubt -- maybe he didn't know he was using Rivera's music. Wagner's quote in Ken Davidoff's column in Newsday is quite clear, however:

I know, Mariano's got it. Lord forbid. There she crumbles. Two people have it.

I play for the Mets, he plays for the Yankees. I never have to face him, and he never has to face me. There's really no big competition there.

There it is. This heresy will not go away. Somehow, (gasp!) Billy Wagner doesn't seem to care that he might be offending Yankee fans and radio personalities with this atrocious act. As for Rivera, my money is on him not caring, but that's irrelevant, isn't it?

I mentioned yesterday how I cracked and turned on MATMD after the game yesterday because I was hungry for some Mets talk. Between the Sandman crap and all of the other negative talk I turned the radio back off again. Once again this was proof that there is nothing on WFAN for Mets fans when MATMD are on the air. Pompous Mike Francesa and his obnoxious sidekick share one big thing in common with Yankee fans: they think everyone else should kiss their ass.

My take on this "controversy" is simple. Any time the Mets manage to offend both Yankee fans and those 2 radio icons, they've done something right. Time to stop apologizing and take this town back.

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Comments (11)

Frankly, I hope Rivera does care that Wagner is using "his music"; it will make all concerned parties look more like four-year-olds (if that is possible).

Amen brother!!! Couldnt have said it better myself.

thank you mike for your voice of reason and baseball talk. it's getting hard to find radio or baseball talk webs, talking about baseball.wfan finds more way's to be negitive towards the met's or avoids a good baseball victory. even the 10a.m. wfan by a met fan, is crying all day about beltran batting 3rd. he seems to be setting up the next show to continue to be negitive about the met's. so i thank you for your voice, for it's not only about baseball but with a fairness to all.

What really bothers me is the attitude that the Mets should somehow defer to the Yankees because they play in the same town. The Mets have done that for too long. What they should do here is simple -- let Wagner use the music he has used for a decade, and let Yankee apologists rant and rave until they get over it.


This whole thing is much ado about nothing. Rivera doesn't even particularly like the song or have any attachment to it; it was chosen for him by someone who works at the stadium. Last year, Metallica's James Hetfield visited Yankee Stadium and met with Rivera, who was cordial, but admitted to knowing nothing about the band's music.

That FranDog would try to spin this into a controversy proves how truly irrelevant they are.

Again -- there is an attitude that the Yankees own this town and the Mets need to defer to them. That's the controversy here. Let the radio guys yell. Let Yankee fans yell. Wagner should do what he wants, and the Mets should continue not to care about anything that people who are not Mets fans get themselves worked up over.

Matt Cerrone at MetsBlog has a good take on this. Check it out.

Dude, just listen to MLB Radio.
It's good. It covers all the teams but who cares? Learning about other teams/players never hurt anyone.
I reccomend everyone listen to MLB Radio. It's just soo much better cause ya know, the people that work there know about all teams and not just one.

Benny is right about MLB Radio, here's the link:


I found some nice photos from Mets win on www.nj.com/mets. It's nice to see up here in the Pocconos of Pa. Check it out.

Are you able to get SNY where you are, Rev Al?

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