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It's Quiet Out There, Sheriff... Too Quiet

Mike SteffanosSunday, April 9, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Sorry for the tardiness of this post, but it was tough to come up with anything to write about today. Yesterday I spoke of the difference between limping out of the gate at 0-5 and winning 3 of 4 to get things underway. Nobody is spending a lot of time nitpicking Willie Randolph's managerial moves yet, the starting pitching has been fine so far, and even the mild Carlos Beltran controversy has quieted down fairly quickly. You know it's been a decent week when the biggest brouhaha has been manufactured by talk radio over a song.

This won't last, of course. Baseball seasons are long, and ups and downs are many. The Mets will hit a bad stretch and there will be plenty of things to discuss between now and October. In the meantime, I received an e-mail from Jeremy, a Mets fan here in Connecticut who's cable company, Cox Communications, is opting not to carry SNY on their system. Here is what Jeremy has to say:

Contrary to what many in the Connecticut media (print, radio, and television) choose to believe, there are three baseball teams in the tri-state area. While we may be very much the minority, many Mets fans in this area are tired of being ignored and the final straw for us was Cox Communications choice to not carry SNY the new Mets television network. Because of this, we in the area covered by Cox in particular will get to see a total of *4* games on television this month.

I have started a website urging other local Mets fans to express their displeasure to Cox Communications and hope that you will visit it and perhaps even mention it in on your site.

The URL is: http://giveusourmets.fateback.com

I will also place a link to this web site on the navigation bar under the SNY and Cable heading. Good luck, Jeremy.

Newark Star-Ledger: The Mentor
Dan Graziano features Julio Franco, who has deftly assumed the type of leadership role on the Mets that GM Omar Minaya told us all he would. One of the players benefiting from Franco's experience is Jose Reyes:

When a guy like that talks, you're going to listen. He played with guys who are in the Hall of Fame. He's played a lot of games, a lot of years. So when he takes the time to talk to you, you pay attention.

Again, I poked some fun at this signing when it first happened. Franco has already proved his worth in the first week of the season. Omar gets criticized in a lot of places as not being good at "little moves" like this one. I'm not sure that criticism is justified at all, but he's certainly looked good on this one.

New York Times: Anderson Hernandez
Ben Shpigel profiles the Mets young second baseman, who looks great in the field and lost at the plate. Julio Franco is one of the veteran Mets trying to help the kid get comfortable at the plate:

This is not a physical thing, it's a mental one, and that's why we're here to help him. But if he wasn't mentally strong, he wouldn't be here in the first place.

Newsday: Teaching Jose
Bob Herzog pens a good story on the mentoring Jose Reyes has received from both Rickey Henderson this spring and Willie Randolph on an ongoing basis.

New York Post: Running Man
Joel Sherman also has a good piece on Jose Reyes.

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Comments (3)


1. I guess Im the minority: He was totally beat by Frank Robinson,who came back with two homers from a game that had lost, down 4-0.
2. today Diaz started but not line up change.
3. Last yr Piazza hit in the 5 hole today it was Wright, big difference Beltran scores twice and Wright has 3 rbi vs Willis. Valentin was the WRONG ph too, that spot called for franco. also Ahern looks slowly like Franco at the plate.
4. Keith is Great!!! He was ahead of willie, and even had the evall for why valentin was in the game, but noted valentin has not been right since last yr.
5.with this team willie is less of a factor.I'd still like to see loduca drop down in the order.

He brought in Valentin to bunt, Valentin is enough of a vet that he should have been able to get one down.

Glad he didn't change the lineup today. Lo Duca's AB in the seventh was the key one of the game. Still, I'd probably like to see Lo Duca lower, but will reserve judgement for a while.

hey me and my parents(im 14) are having this issue about the base ball rules.i used to play softball and no one has really known what this rule was but every one has used this rule(runner gets base in a tie).ok well we are watching a met game and the runner and the first basemen tagged the base at the SAME time so its a tie(the runner was safe)my dad is saying that there is no rule saying that the runner gets the base (yes very true)but if u put the rules together they lead to the batter getting the base (being safe)and my dad doesnt want to except it plz emial me back or somthing because i really want to know and i've never seen it happen before and i've been watching baseball since i was a baby and ive never ever seen what just happend i even googled it and found some thing on it so is there a flaw in the rules here or does the umpire just choose who gets it.

plz email back

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