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Keith Hernandez Back in the Booth Tonight

Mike SteffanosMonday, April 17, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Apparently I wasn't the only one that was getting concerned about Keith Hernandez' unexplained absence from the booth for 6 games amidst wild rumors that he had been sacked for a trivial remark about Mike Piazza. I mentioned in yesterday's game wrap-up that Gary Cohen finally mentioned that Keith was on vacation and would be back today.

I've gotten a couple of e-mails and a lot of search engine lookups on Keith today, so I guess some people missed the news. He's back -- and I'll be looking forward to seeing if he gets Deluca's Lo Duca's name right tonight.

In a way, I feel sort of foolish for losing any sleep over such a silly rumor, but, then again, I thought it was a silly rumor when I first heard about Kazmir for Zambrano. With this team, you honestly never know. In any case, I hope every little "controversy" gets resolved this easy in 2006.

SNY on Cable
Got a question from someone that lives near me and has Tele-Media cable about the chances of SNY being added soon. While I don't claim insider knowledge, we have been reading and hearing promising things, including what Lisa was told when she turned in our digital cable box. I stress, though, that you should keep calling your own company if you're in the same boat. You have to keep the pressure on.

Again, too, remember that even if you do as I did and cancel cable for satellite, be specific and make sure your company knows that their failure to add the Mets' network has cost them a customer. Satellite isn't an option for everyone, and it won't be right in Mets Nation until every fan can curse Victor Zambrano on his home tv set. Once again, here are a couple of web sites from those fighting their local cable monopoly:

Get the Mets on SusCom!!

Give Us Our Mets! (Cox Communications, CT)

If you're without SNY on your local system, and have a web site or on-line petition, let me know and I'll link to you.

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Comments (6)

What rumor?

I would like to send a message to Keith Hernandez. Is it possible to provide me with an address that he either reads or has his staff read?

I have no knowledge of how to be sure to get through to Keith. You might try calling SportsNet New York and see if someone there can help you.

(212) 485-4800

Regarding Mr. Hernández' comments about females in the dugout, how absurd. I'll have you know that my daughter is a certified athletic trainer and is outstanding at what she does. She is the head athletic trainer at a college in Massachusetts. Should you ever have an injury that requires rehab, she would get you back on your feet before you could even think about it. Frankly, Mr. Hernández, she is more woman than you'll ever be a man. You should apologize to every female athletic trainer who has ever set foot on an athletic field.
Ms. Katherine Moskal

I'm sure that you're rightfully proud of your daughter. I'm not Keith Hernandez, however, I just write about him.

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