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Mets Claw Out a Win Over the Marlins

Mike SteffanosSunday, April 9, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Mets 3 - Marlins 2

The Mets scratched out a pair of runs in the seventh against Dontrelle Willis, then took advantage of a young reliever who was in A-ball last year to win the game in the ninth, sweeping the Fish in the rain-shortened 2-game series. David Wright drove in all 3 Mets runs.

Tom Glavine pitched 6 strong innings, but took a no-decision. He scattered 5 hits and a pair of walks while striking out 5. Both runs that scored were earned. He had excellent control to start the game, but struggled later on to get the ball where he wanted it. When the Marlins scored their pair off him in the top of the sixth it was location that betrayed Glavine. Still, as a Mets fan, you'll sign up for this type of performance from Glavine all year.

Meanwhile, the D-Train was dominating the Mets until the bottom of the seventh. Lo Duca led off the seventh with a long, battling at-bat against Willis, fouling off pitches and finally singling hard to right on a 3-2 pitch. Beltran followed with a seeing-eye grounder that just got past SS Hanley Ramirez for another hit, putting runners on first and second with no outs. Carlos Delgado followed with a sure double-play grounder, but Marlins 2B Dan Uggla tried to rush, bobbled the ball, and had to settle for a single out a first. With the tying runs on second and third, Willis elected to pitch to David Wright. Wright then hit a sinking line drive to RF that initially looked like a hard-luck out, but it kept sinking and slicing, causing RF Jeremy Hermida to make a diving attempt for the ball. It skipped by him for the game tying triple.

Duaner Sanchez, who already pitched a scoreless seventh, kept the Marlins off the board in the eighth, while Wagner came in and pitched a scoreless ninth, despite a Reyes error and some shaky D in general.

After pinch-hitting for a tired Willis in the top of the ninth, Fish manager Joe Girardi elected to bring in Carlos Martinez, a young reliever who pitched in A-ball last year. Martinez issued a leadoff walk to Carlos Beltran, then a hard single to Carlos Delgado. With runners on first and third, Girardi foolishly elected to pitch to David Wright again. Perhaps he was in a hurry to catch his flight. Wright obliged him with the game-winning sacrifice fly, driving in his third run of the game.

General Observations
After being conspicuously absent for the first few games, the "bad Jose" Reyes showed up for this game. His at-bats weren't great, and he made 2 errors in the field. He also got thrown out stealing in the first. Someday, Jose will learn to bring his concentration with him every day. He's not there yet.

Anderson Hernandez had a pair of hits off the best pitcher he's seen this season, just proving how much better his approach is as a right-handed batter. Beltran looks a lot more comfortable at the plate.

If you saw the pitch where Tom Glavine hit Dan Uggla, you understand part of the reason why some many pitchers are reluctant to pitch inside. Uggla made no attempt to get out of the way of a ball he could have easily ducked away from. Nobody did that to Bob Gibson or Don Drysdale -- they wouldn't have survived their next at-bat.

The Mets are off tomorrow. They'll face the Nationals in Washington Tuesday afternoon, with rookie Brian Bannister facing Ramon Ortiz.

Box Score

Comments (4)

I still dont know why I prefer to blog here..........

1. at metsblog the word is Kaz to the bench, and Ahern is safe. Again i am not an ahern fan (yet), i want more bat at 2nd. But I DO NOT want Kaz. Plus with kaz, you get a SH with speed and power. If he does hit then he again has value (see marlon anderson), Also others think he should catch some fly balls. Again the 9th inning relates why Kaz CANNOT start, he would boot a routine grounder in the 9th (see last Sept).

alot of talk about Diaz. He had some bad ABs yesterday, he was guessing wrong, but no more than anyone else. X looked good. both should have had hits at different times but for some great defense. Again I see the 4 Of-ers rotating with Endy PH and spotting. I see Valentin as excess. But Vic needs PT.

2. Tom glavine has seen the Fish and Nats at home...please no champagne. He left MANY pitches up. BUT he was squeezed of the plate. His work inside was good but hittable, and his cutter set up his FB.

3. Oliver Perez not Zito is my favored LH target. Kazmir has lost his sting.

4. The Pinella footsteps have started. The team Chemistry is Willie resistant, but anything less than the division is not going to be tolerated.

5. I cant get giddy of a 4-1 record at home vs the Nats and Fish.

Didn't realize I was being giddy. I pointed out that AH is a much better hitter from the right side of the plate, I think the jury is still out on him hitting enough to keep the job, especially from the left side where he will obviously see the majority of ABs.

I like Diaz on this team, agreeing that he could get a decent amount of ABs spelling Floyd. I think he's first to go, though -- I thought when Matsui gets back, but now they're talking about calling up a pitcher.

I watched the game, and thought Glavine had a really good 3 or 4 innings and then started missing a lot. Given how has struggled this spring, it's progress and I feel a little better about him. You're right, though, when he started missing up, he won't get away with a lot of those against the Braves and Phillies -- it will look like that HR Jacobs hit off of Trachsel. Has that one landed yet, or is it still orbiting the earth?

Willie's doing just fine. Winning the games you are supposed to is part of the job description.


Other notables, John Maine had a 3hitter, and Henry Owens has looked good.

Delgado looks great too. And I like that Keith corrected his booth buddy, pointing out that yes Beltran had a .167 avg, but had been productve scoring runs and had 5 (?)rbi. Yesterday's win will go a long way for this team. not Reitsma and Izzy blew saves yesterday.

People are worried about Wagner, but a lot of closers struggle early. That's more about Izzy than Reitsma, who is not a legit closer in my mind.

Beltran's OBP is .348, so at least he's getting on base. If Jose could ever do that, he might score 125 runs.

Good point about Maine -- meant to point out his nice game in my post but forgot.

I'm still scared about the starters vs good hitting teams, but at least they're on the right track. Really curious to see what Bannister does tomorrow.

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