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Mets Winning Streak Ends With a Thud

Mike SteffanosSaturday, April 15, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Brewers 8 - Mets 2

The Mets 7-game winning streak has ended in a convincing manner. They never looked truly in this game when the score was still relatively close, and another horrendous Jorge Julio outing in the eighth took any suspense out of the outcome.

Steve Trachsel was just awful. Home plate umpire Dan Iassogna had a small but fairly consistent strike zone, and Trachsel struggled with it all day. He only gave up a single walk in his five inning stint, but was behind in the count all day, which contributed to the 9 hits the Brewers' struggling offense amassed against him. I'm sure that the 8 day layoff contributed to his woes, but frankly, we've seen this Steve Trachsel plenty of times before. There's a reason he doesn't get the same respect as Pedro and Glavine -- he's nothing more than a solid back of the rotation starter. If anyone wants to start an angry debate over Trachsel being dissed by Willie, please count me out.

As for Julio, I really do understand the allure of trying to resurrect this talented pitcher. I have nothing against him personally. He simply needs to figure out his mechanical problems in Norfolk out of the glare of New York. As for the further damage to Julio's fragile psyche that might be caused by a demotion, I can't imagine it could be much worse than giving up runs and being soundly booed every time he pitches.

This team has elected to carry 6 relievers, which is a short 'pen. They can't afford this project. Why not send him down where he can pitch a lot, and allow Heath Bell an opportunity that he's earned much more so than Jorge Julio?

Where in the world is Keith?
Does anyone out there have any clue, other than wild, unsubstantiated rumors, why Keith Hernandez has not been in the booth for 5 games in a row now? I understood that he would only be in around 100 games; however, it seems weird for him to miss half of the first ten.

I have to confess I don't watch much of the pre- and post-game shows, which offer as little content as possible to deliver the maximum amount of commercials. (This isn't a knock at SNY, as everybody does this.) Have they even talked about Keith at all?

The series wraps up tomorrow afternoon with Brian Bannister facing Ben Sheets, who returns from the disabled list. This will be an interesting test for the poised young Mets hurler -- a tough opponent and trying to avoid the year's first losing streak.

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