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Putting the Sandman to Bed

Mike SteffanosTuesday, April 4, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Let's be clear here. If Billy Wagner cared about the feelings of others, he'd pick a new song. It wouldn't matter that he has used Enter Sandman as long as that other guy in town has -- Wagner and the Mets have to acknowledge that they are both number two in New York. Have a little consideration for the glory and tradition that is Yankee baseball, you hayseed. And what's the matter with the Mets? They should know better. They should have known this song would have offended Yankee fans, and they should have ordered their employee to pick another one.

I can't believe the audacity of this team in Queens. Do they really think that they can dare make a move in New York without making sure that they don't somehow step on the toes of Yankees and their fans? Did anyone even think to call Mike Francesa and clear it with him first? Don't they understand that Mr. Francesa speaks for what is allowable and what isn't in sports in New York? Next thing you know, the Mets will actually feel they have a right to win more games than the Yankees, and maybe even make it farther in the post-season than the Yankee do. What's next after that? Making New York a National League town again? The horror! The horror!

I'm disappointed in Fred Wilpon, who for many years was only too happy to defer to George Steinbrenner, the Bronx Bullies and their apologists in the media. He seemed so nice back then, so unthreatening to the Yankees and their fans. Now I wouldn't be surprised to see Fred driving by the House that Ruth Built and shooting them a moon from the back of his limo.

I guess, after all is said and done, that's the biggest problem here. These upstart New York Mets and their obnoxious fans are forgetting their place. They actually believe that they have a right to this city. I have an awful feeling that Billy Wagner and the Mets will continue to thumb their noses at that institution in the Bronx, refusing to listen to reason. As for the unfortunate Yankee fan, he just might be forced to cope with a world that refuses to revolve around him. I recommend intense therapy.

Boycott Mike and the Mad Dog?
Believe it or not, I've had a couple of people contact me about some sort of boycott of that radio program by Mets fans. The problem with this is that, by generating publicity for a boycott, you'd probably help MATMD's ratings go up rather than down. People would tune in out of curiosity.

The best thing you can do if you don't like Mike and the Mad Dog is to tune out. If you read my earlier post, I was annoyed with myself because I made this decision a while back and went against my better judgment yesterday. Benny Blanco from da Bronx, who commented on the earlier story, was right, there are better alternatives for those of us that enjoy baseball talk. Sure, they don't talk about the Mets as much, but they're not trying to merely annoy Mets fans to boost their ratings. If enough Mets fans would listen to Benny and just simply make the choice to stop listening to MATMD, they would lose their power to annoy, and sooner or later just go away.

Hey, I've heard from some that enjoy Mike and the Mad Dog. If you do, keep listening. For me, the MATMD show was like that girl -- the one that made me happy once, long ago. I held onto her for a long time; long after she started causing me more aggravation than enjoyment. I knew she wasn't good for me, but I remember how it used to be. She was a bad habit -- an addiction. Finally, I just had to walk away. (Kris Benson -- are you listening?)

Someday ESPN radio or someone new will realize there is a vacuum that can be filled with intelligent New York sports talk that doesn't treat its listeners like dirt. There is a real opportunity here for someone that wants to give the phrase "we're New York sports" more than just lip service. Then this "new girl" can capture my heart, and maybe even deserve it.

Comments (6)

For me, I love Mike and the Mad Dog and listen everyday. I find there views interesting and argumentive at times amusing. Even during their outburst about the SNY Network I find some humor in it. HOWEVER, driving home from Shea on monday with my dad i heard some of the stupidest radio ever to come out of that station! At first, i thought it was a joke but then to continue about this far into Tuesday is ridiculous. These two men earn a great amount of money and is well respected throughout the sports world, and for them to go on and on and on about a SONG! Mike saying its part of Yankee Stadium history is dumb. Its a Metalica song that is played everywhere...even at somepoint during the Ranger season it was played and guess what...at MSG!!! I respect and love Mo, but i'm sure he's not even going to make a big deal about this. And when u tell Mike and the Dog he (Wagner) played it in Philly and Houston they say its not NYC...STUPID STUPID. So if its not NY it doen't count? Come on guys this is a 4th grade argument! I think the town is big enough for the two songs to be played. So Yankee Stadium is now the home of Ruth, JoeD, George and Metalica; so says Mike and the Mad Dog!

You're a reasonable man, Tom. I see no future for you in radio.

Take my advice and subscribe to one of the satellite radio services. You'll forget all about old-fashioned, commercial-infested radio. I have Sirius, and I hardly ever tune into terrestrial radio anymore, even though I absolutely adore Steve Somers. There's always something more interesting on Sirius, be it music or one of the talk stations. Plus, they have the national feed of ESPN Radio that doesn't feature the insufferable Michael Kay.

Thanks, Vinny. Just signed up for DirecTV and will have some of the XM stations with that. I'm looking forward to checking it out.

I agree on every point. These guys are over. I was so happy to hear and see baseball back that I made the mistake of listening to M&TMD after the game. But I am glad I did because otherwise I would not have heard the crap that spewed from their mouths. They still couldn't spoil the Mets win for me. I wrote a little about it on my new "blog." It's my new outlet for my frustrations with Mets haters. So Mike, any posts or comments I make here will be tempered in the future. I'll be a more calm Chris. ;-)

You can check it out here.

Always speak your mind, Chris. We don't ask anyone to censor their thoughts as long as they keep it reasonable, and you do.

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