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Why Do We Keep Doing This To Ourselves?

Mike SteffanosThursday, April 20, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

After taking a day off from reading about the Mets in the area's papers, I was back at it this morning. After reading the first few articles and scanning the rest of the headlines, I decided that I just couldn't take any more hand-wringing over dropping two of three to Atlanta. Don't get me wrong here. I was pretty bummed last night. Lisa -- who knows me pretty good right now, poor girl -- was careful to remove all sharp objects, belts and shoelaces from my sight.

But then I wake up this morning, start reading this stuff, and instead of getting more depressed I have to laugh. I'm not sure whether the Braves got into the heads of the Mets players over these last two days, but they certainly got in the heads of Mets fans -- me included, for a little while.

But when I try to work up a deep despair over the thought of the Mets ever turning the tables on Atlanta, I just keep coming back to this one simple fact -- this Braves team isn't that good. Nothing they did the past couple of days overwhelmed me. Therefore, although I'm sorry to rain on this self-pity parade, I'm just not signing on.

Looking at them, I honestly don't feel they have what it takes to succeed over the long haul. It's one thing for this Braves team to get up for the Mets and take a pair of well-pitched games, it's another to win games all year when you can't play the us against the world card.

The Mets certainly have problems of their own, and this weak bench will absolutely need to be addressed. I understand that Willie and Omar want to give Jose Valentin a fair chance, but I can't help but wonder how far you go with a guy that hasn't come close to a hit in 15 at bats. I like Endy Chavez as the backup centerfielder because of his defense -- provided he can at least contribute at least to the level of his lifetime .250 average. This bench needs to be more than just Castro and Woodward, and this problem can't be allowed to linger deep into the summer.

For all of that, if David Wright hadn't booted those 2 eighth inning plays, and the Mets had somehow pulled that one out last night, we'd be talking about something else today. Look, I know that the Braves are feeling smug right now about winning this series, but I want to see what they do against everyone else. Meanwhile, I want to see the Mets bounce back and have a decent road trip. I'm not willing to concede anything at this point, and I don't think the Mets are, either. Go ahead and feel sorry for yourself if you want, Mets fans, I'm going to put my energies into constructive things, like devising diabolical tortures for Mets who get on my bad side.

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Comments (4)

The bench is nowhere near as good as the bench last year. Marlon Anderson was a big loss over the offseason. Its not easy finding good bench players. Nomar is available, after he comes off the DL ...AGAIN.

I don't know, Scott, I'm starting to think that Nomar might be as done as Jose Valentin.

I am disappointed mike,


Just like in the 3 series prior to the break, when wrright was an error machine yesterday the 3 errors showed he is not sharp and needed a day off (last Sunday).

AND as I said before the microscopic hitting Ahern is the perfect robin for Reyes (batman) with duties as a PR, and 2Bman.

Diaz needs to be up and valentin cut. That sorry line up 2 days in a row wreaked of mismanagement and just phoning it in.

Once Beltran and Floyd went down I'm not sure that I would have given Wright the day off, either. As for the rest, this bench is weak and needs to be addressed, no kidding around.

Being disappointed is one thing, being ready to throw in the towel over 1 game is another. I'm disappointed, too.

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