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A Disheartening Offensive Performance

Mike SteffanosTuesday, May 2, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Nationals 6 - Mets 2

When you're a blogger that follows a team on a day-in, day-out basis, some days you're going to find yourself just plain disgusted. Today was one of those days for me. I love baseball, which is why I chose to do this, but games like tonight's leave me feeling I have nothing to offer. It's not sour grapes over losing, either. I don't expect to win every game. I just hate feeling like I wasted an evening, and I felt that way watching this game. I was tempted to skip my game post tonight, but instead will make a few points.

Thoughts on the game

Maine didn't look terrible, just nervous. The line looks ugly in the box score but really wasn't awful. He deserves a second start.

That kid O'Connor that beat them looked like he was 12 years old. They made him look like Sandy Koufax. 2 hits in 7 innings, both by Lo Duca. What is it about the Mets and kid pitchers? It's beyond weird and into the Twilight Zone of frustration.

I know Darren Oliver has had some decent moments, but I like Feliciano better as a lefty and Heath Bell better for that spot in the bullpen, and I'm not just dumping on him because he's had a couple of bad outings. He is what he always was, a journeyman pitcher.

Willie got tossed for arguing a bad call on strike three to Wright. Actually, I think he was sick of watching the game and looking for an out. Can't blame him.

Sorry, this is all I have tonight. It was just one sorry game.

The Pirates and the legendary Ian Snell come in to face the struggling Mets offense tomorrow night at 7:10. Pedro pitches for the Mets, looking for his 6th win.

Box Score

Comments (4)

I know how these games can wear on you when you're a blogger --- The Nationals have had 18 of them already this season. The Nats have beaten John Smoltz and Roy Oswalt this year, but have lost to first timers like your kid Maine. I guess the only thing we had going for us was the Mets' difficulty with kids as well.

O'Connor is the Nats' #1 pitching prospect, but that's not necessarily saying much.

I think the reality of the game was this: The Nats have to win once in a while and the Mets have to lose once in a while. Tonight was the night for both.

The Lerner Family will be the team's new owner (deep pockets, native Washingtonians) and Stan Kasten will run the team. We Nats' fans have already written off the team for '06 as we prepare for what we hope will be a magical 2007. Don't be surprised if Soriano and Jose Guillen are traded for prospects, perhaps even the newly signed Nick Johnson. I think the team wants to restock the minor league system NOW. Lerner has already hinted that he would persue free agency this fall with a vengance. I wouldn't be surprised if the team signs three top-of-the-line guys, and a couple of "nice" players. Lerner realizes the damage caused to the team by the stupidity of MLB and the D.C. City Council,and has to make some big news, big change type of deals quickly.

I really like the way the Mets are put together this year. I think they could be the team to beat in the NL. We just played the Cardinals, and yes, they are good, but they have too many guys named "Joe" holding down too many positions.

You know, the Mets could use another prime rival. A team you just love to hate - where you boo every guy in their lineup. Braves-Mets is pretty good, and its especially nice to see the sides more even now, but I'd say rates only a 6 compared to a RedSox-Yanks 10. This is not to suggest that Nats-Mets could ever be a 10, but it'd be nice to really hate your division opponents. The Pedro incidents earlier this year might have stirred things up.

By the way, how many MLB rivalries can you think of that are better than Mets-Braves? Around 5 come off the top of my mind.

Don't apologize, Mike. Even bloggers need a break, especially from a dreary game like last night. Though it wasn't totally wasted for me. I switched to Idol and House as soon as it because clear that the odds didn't look good for the Mets -- with Maine struggling and not looking at all confident on the mound AND the Mets doing their customary incredible shrinking bats act in the face of yet another unknown rookie starter. House was great. It was the first part of a 2-part medical mystery with the second part airing tonight. They can't find the cause of some mysterious brain ailment that has taken the life of a cop and is quickly taking its toll on one of the doctors who has caught it as well. I'll be watching the end even with Pedro pitching tonight. Hugh Laurie would make a great baseball manager though he would certainly ruffle feathers. He'd be so entertaining especially giving it to the umpires! I'd pay just to watch him go at it. Well I hope you like my micro review of House. It certainly beat the Mets game last night!

Farid -- As you know, it's not the losses that wear on you as much as badly played games. Nothing against the kid that pitched, this has been an ongoing thing with the Mets for several years. Good luck with the new owner. It's ridiculous how long it took.

Hi Juan -- to be a great rivalry both teams have to be contenders for several years in a row. Maybe the Mets are ready to do their part. The Nats need to add a few players and then who knows?

Fastball -- thanks to the magic of DVR, after the game was over I skipped the postgame and watched House. I'll be doing the same for the second part tonight.

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