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Beltran Sends Them Home Happy

Mike SteffanosWednesday, May 24, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Mets 9 - Phillies 8 (16)

When Carlos Beltran's home run disappeared over the right field bullpen and into the night at 12:33 AM, the Mets had their first lead of the 5-1/2 hour contest. It was the only one that mattered.

Steve Trachsel started the game for the Mets, and was at his nibbling, frustrating and just plain pathetic worst. He put the Mets into a 2-0 hole in the first inning, then after Wright and Floyd hit home runs to tie it, left them with a 6-2 hole to from which to dig out. Terrible effort.

The Mets clawed back to 6-5 with a run in the fifth and 2 in the sixth, but 2 walks in the top of the seventh proved to be Aaron Heilman's undoing as the Phillies tacked on a pair to go up 8-5, and it looked like an unhappy ending in Shea. But in the bottom of the eighth, steroid boy Ryan Franklin came in with a can of gasoline. He retired Floyd and Matsui to start the inning, but Ryan Howard, who had a terrible game in the field, booted a Chavez grounder for a generously scored single. Pinch hitter Chris Woodward doubled him home, and then Reyes hit a curveball around ankle-height for an improbable game-tying home run.

The next run that crossed the plate was Beltran 8 long innings later.

Thoughts on the game

Sorry, this is going to be short, as the Mets are literally killing me with games like this.

Cliff Floyd had a terrific day at the plate. He wound up 2-5 with a homer and a double, but every AB was a quality one, and he went the other way effectively.

Keith was back in the booth, and the interplay between he and Darling was hilarious. Darling is so much less wooden when he has Keith to banter back and forth with.

Someone needs to check Ryan Madson for performance enhancers. That was an incredible effort.

Props to Pedro Feliciano, Jorge Julio, Duaner Sanchez (2 IP), Billy Wagner and Chad Bradford for scoreless relief innings. Special props to Darren Oliver, who I'm not always kind to, for four scoreless innings and the win.

Goodnight Met fans, this blogger is shot... Alay Soler debuts against phenom Cole Hamels tomorrow night at 7:10. Hope he has some innings in him.

Box Score

Comments (6)

Good Morning Mike,you may be still up after a game like that or maybe I should say Goodnight.The Star Ledger's Colin Stephenson has a very good recap of the game for those like myself couldn't catch it live. Between you and him your recaps put me in the game. I am tired just reading about it.Everybody please get some rest we got another game in a few hours.Is there any fresh arms in the pen. I think we will be looking for some soon. I hope it's after the 6th or 7th inning and we are ahead.Thanks Mike. I can read your tiredness.

Mike, I missed the game. Thanks for the recap. Its games like this we never would have won last year that makes it very satisfying to be a Mets fan. Love your blog. Keep up the good work.

Ryan Madson is the Phillies' Aaron Heilman, a guy plenty good enough to start somewhere. I don't know what happened to him last year, but I remember watching him pitch when he first came up; I figured he would be a star by now. Like Heilman, some other team is going to get the chance to work hin into their starting rotation if his present team doesn't wise up in time; I'm only glad that Leo Mazone is out of the National League.

But then maybe Madson's time with the Phillies has come, again, since Cole Hamels has (shockingly!) hurt himself, again.

Good win. Man, that Phillies team scares me; there's a lot of talent on that roster.

Hi Rev -- I would have given you a better recap if the game ended an hour or so earlier. I was tempted to wait untill the morning. I would think Heilman can go an inning today, Wagner too. Feliciano and Bradford could probably pitch, along with Julio. Still, Soler could make himself a hero to Mets fans by pitching 7 innings tonight.
Gary, thanks for the kind words. You're right, this would have been one that we would have lost last year for sure.
dd -- I'm still torn myself about Heilman as a starter. They have to use the bullpen so much, and he's so good out of there. If Trachsel doesn't start pitching better, and eating a few more innings... Ah, I'm in too good a mood to think about that right now.

This sums up my mood....

'.....Anyone can hit a walkoff homerun in extra innings with the game tied ... hitting the 3-run homerun immediately after your team goes down 4-0 in the first inning to breathe life back into them to me was bigger.' ....from old backstop.

This team has so many subliminals. Guys that do unseen things. Floyd, Franco, Delgado, LoDuca. They deserve to win.

I hope Soler becomes a reliable guy, and i wish him luck tonight. i hope he has a Contreras-esque/ Livian-esque' run of success.

I know Beltran is up and down a little with his hitting this year, but I could see him catching a good hot streak and doing something like .280, 30 HR, 100 RBI. He really looks relaxed with Delgado behind him.

I'm with you on Soler. They need someone to step up and pitch well.

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