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Congratulations to Vinny and All Suscom Subscribers

Mike SteffanosThursday, May 11, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

I'm a little late with this, I know, but congratulations to Vinny from Metsville.com and all of the other Mets fans in the Carmel, NY area that now have SportsNet New York on their cable system. There still are Mets fans that are blacked out of watching their team on local cable systems. I receive the games through DirecTV now, but customers of Adelphia Tele-Media in the Valley towns and Greater Waterbury, CT area for whom satellite is not an option are still in the dark. Cox Cable customers in Connecticut are also shut out.

Most Mets fans that live in areas where their systems don't carry SNY seem to be resigned to their fate at this point, however if you are doing something to fight your cable company, let me know and I'll mention it here. Otherwise, I'm starting to feel as if I'm beating a dead horse.

A note on comments
I've recently had an unpleasant experience with a former commenter on this site that I'd like to avoid in the future. So here goes:

It's okay to disagree with me on this site. For instance, if you disagree with my premise that it is unfair to ask large-market franchises to subsidize baseball in smaller markets on a year-in, year-out basis, it's fair to say that you disagree with me. I ask you, however, to not mischaracterize what I said, and to save your moral crusades for a different forum. I never put forward a plan that was supposed to be "fair" to small market teams, that wasn't the premise of what I was writing. It's insulting to have to read and respond to 10,000 word essays that aren't really on point. It's okay to write a long comment, but not one that forces me into a long reply. I only have so many hours to put into this site, and I don't wish to spend a lot of them on a single commenter.

Having said that, I love hearing the opinions of those who disagree with me. Keep them on point, and if they require a response be polite enough to be brief. If you have something to get off your chest, and I don't have to reply to every word of it, knock yourself out. If you think I'm wrong on something, call me on it. Respect me and I'll respect you. If you're someone that likes to read the comments on this site, you'll see a lot of great comments from "Ed", who often takes me to tasks on my views. I respect him a lot, because he does it the right way. He doesn't mischaracterize my position, and I don't have to spend an hour replying to his comments. That makes it fun, and that's what this needs to be for all of us. We already have jobs.

Make no mistake though, except for one single exception, I honestly do appreciate every comment that's been posted here. By sharing your views, you've made this site a better and much more interesting place, and I'm grateful to all of you.

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Comments (8)

I'm stranded in Yankees-Red Sox hell here in Hartford, CT. What am I doing to deal with no Mets on Comcast here? I'm taking my business elsewhere, switching to the dish. Enough is enough. SNY is never going to happen here, so I'm voting with my feet...walking away from Comcast.

Hi Mike, I live in the Pocono's of Pa. And we get SNY here with Blue Ridge Cable. It's included with basic plus package.Born and raised in Brooklyn, an old Brooklyn Dodger fan and a Met fan from day one, it would be very hard without seeing them. I remember when the Dodgers left town and the only baseball on t.v. was the Yankees, I just could'nt get myself to watch them. I think I know how Stevil feels.

Stevil, my cable company forced me to make the same choice. I think it's ridiculous what Comcast is doing to you guys in the Hartford area, since they're a partner in SNY. At least my old company had some excuse. But believe me, I missed all of the spring games and the first couple of regular season games, because I wasn't about to sign up for DirecTV until a deal was in place. It's devestating to be shut out from watching your team by some damned cable monopoly.

I switched to DirecTV and I'm happy with it, and now DISH has SNY, too. I think SBC and DISH have some kind of deal where you can purchase DISH as part of a package if you're an All-Distance customer. If you decide to switch, make sure you let the bastards know why when you cancel.

I could never switch to another team at this point in my career. There was a time back a few years when I could barely watch the Mets, but I didn't even consider rooting for either the Red Sox or Yankees. Real fans aren't wired that way.

I for one will miss not having Fastball post anymore. Although I realize that Mike and many other readers didn't agree with his ideas I thought that his postings for the most part were pretty well thought out and presented well. I also never thought that he was being disrespectful of the ideas being posted - but he did seem very passionate and focused on what he believed in - ironically enough, not unlike Keith's opinions when he broadcasts. I will miss the back and forth between Mike and Fastball.

Bruce, I passionately disagree with you.

I live in Wolcott,Ct and have been watching the Mets on TV for years, but thanks to Tele-Media I no longer can. I've called Adelphia weekly but get the same we are still negotiating answer. I can go to satelite, but then I won't get YES. I guess I'm just going to have to wait till August and hope SNY is on by then.

Michael, it seems likely Comcast will add SNY once they take over, the question is just when. Just to let you know you do have a choice, DirecTV does have YES (and NESN) if you sunscribe to the $7 month sports package.

It's your mistake to live in Wolcott in the first place. Every hear the term "armpit?"

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