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I'm Fine, Thanks

Mike SteffanosMonday, May 1, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

I've received some really nice e-mail today after mentioning in passing earlier that some health issues have been responsible for the mid-afternoon appearances of my "morning" post. I greatly appreciate the concern, but it's nothing all that major. I mention my problems with chronic Lyme disease in my "about" page, and the problems I'm having are just with that.

My most troublesome symptoms are the dizziness and headaches that are always around, but mostly are relatively mild. Occasionally I go through rough stretches, and this is one of them. It's slowing me down in everything I do, but there's tougher things in life. There is treatment for chronic Lyme, but it's expensive and your genius friend here didn't have health insurance when he came down with Lyme. Stupidity on my part, and a lesson to anyone out there that thinks he or she can "get by" without insurance.

I'm confident that one day I will come out the other end and be symptom-free. In the meantime I'm fine -- thanks for your kindness and concern.

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Comments (2)

Mike thtas what happens when you go into long grass looking for long lost golfballs!!!! A lesson to everyone!!!

No, seriously, Lyme is a helluva bad disease and my best wishes to you.

Thanks, Scott. I actually had to give up golf about 15 years ago when I realized I was the worst golfer that ever lived. When you're out by yourself and foresomes ask to play through, it's time to toss your clubs in the nearest dumpster and move on.

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