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Lima Time Has Come and Gone

Mike SteffanosSaturday, May 13, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Brewers 9 - Mets 6

A late game comeback came up short for the Mets as they dropped their second in a row, and 4th out of their last five. On offense, it was about missed opportunities and a failure once again to put a struggling pitcher away. Again none of the breaks seemed to fall in the Mets favor. But to me, the only story that matters was the starting pitcher.

Jose Lima was once a pretty good major league pitcher. That simply is not the case anymore. Don't be fooled that Lima held up decently until his fifth inning collapse. What we saw from him today was merely a replay of what we saw this spring. Lima might be able to give you 3 or 4 good innings, but opposing teams will inevitably figure him out and punish him. He'll probably get another start based on how he looked for the first four innings. Trust me, it's a mirage.

Jeremi Gonzalez goes tomorrow. The only positive thing that he has going for him is he's not Jose Lima. Cover your eyes.

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I honestly like Lima as an entertainer & character-wise, however what I can't figure out is why the heck he's on the Mets team. Aren't they shooting for the Ring, for the championship? A world series winner CANNOT have a pitcher like Lima on the rotation, PERIOD! I do not wish to bring up the race issue, but had Lima not been Hispanic let's say he was Asian - especially a non-Japanses one - do you think he would have gotten the innumerable chances that he's gotten? NO-WAY-JOSE!
I honestly miss Kris and SEO JAE even more!!

I think Omar and the rest of the Mets braintrust is fooling themselves if they think they can weather the storm of pitchers injuries without making a trade. They will keep falling in the lose column with the b-rate pitchers they have enlisted to make spot starts. Pedro and Tom need some support to go along after their starts and Jose a the vast ragtag bunch of starters from the retread pool of baseball is not going to cut it.Make a trade aquire some additional pitching talent before injuries start the next wave on Pedro or Tom.

I see Iam not the only early bird on line, and I am not the only concerned Met. We are bleeding and need more than a bandaid. Why Lima? Mike start warming up, please, anybody, Chuck, I don't care if your righty or lefty. Drew @ 02:02 get some rest, we need a strong arm. LETS GO METS Lets Go Mets lets go mets lets go... I pray we are not going any lower but to hang in there. WE need a win streak AMEN

Home for lunch break and seen this headline from AJC "Who will land in N.Y." They mention Dontrelle Willis, now that's not a band aid but a true fix. Man that would be sweet.

Guys, you've got this one pretty much covered. I don't even know what to say about this anymore, except it's hard to swing a trade for a pitcher this early.

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