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Mets Outlast Rain and Cardinals

Mike SteffanosWednesday, May 17, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Mets 8 - Cardinals 3

The crimson-clad St. Louis faithful like to think of themselves as the "greatest baseball fans in the world." Go ahead -- ask any one of them, they'll only be too happy to tell you. They were a little tough to find after a measly 1:40 rain delay, but the half dozen or so that stuck around were not rewarded, as the Mets gave Tom Glavine his sixth win on a night when he wasn't at his best.

Glavine looked good in the early going, and the defense was very sharp behind him -- good to see after some shaky D at times in the Brewers series. Delgado and Glavine combined on a terrific put out at first, and David Wright made a terrific bare hand play on David Eckstein. I'm starting to wonder if perhaps the Mets should consider sending David out into the field without a glove. Jose Reyes hit a 2-run shot to CF to put the Mets on top. They tacked on another run when Xavier Nady singled home Wright. When Glavine is at his best, three runs could have been plenty, but he allowed the Cards to get 2 back in the fifth and tie it up in the sixth. He left the game with a tie score, but for once the Mets came through for him.

In the top of the seventh, Reyes walked, stole second, and scored on an opposite field single by Paul Lo Duca. Then the rains came, and we all watched a game from 1986 for the next hour and forty minutes. Heilman came in after the delay and pitched a terrific seventh, and then the Mets broke it open in the top of the eighth with 4 runs. No homers -- just singles, bunts and solid baseball. Sanchez and Julio held the Cardinals the rest of the way, although Julio had to survive being mysteriously squeezed by the home plate umpire in the ninth -- you would have figured with a 5-run lead and after a long delay he'd want to go home.

Thoughts on the game

David Eckstein led off the game and allowed a Glavine changeup to hit him, actually moving his hip into the pitch. The rule book says you don't allow him first if he makes no attempt to get out of the way. (Of course the ump punked out) If I was pitching, I would have put him on his ass next time up.

Pujols was 0-3 against Glavine, 0-4 for the game.

Nady's RBI single to put the Mets up 3-0 was big for him, because he's been struggling in those situations.

Floyd got a couple of hits, including a well-struck double, and scored a run. Wright and Reyes also had 2-hit games, and scored a pair of runs each. Reyes drove in 3 runs.

Sanchez and Heilman both had solid scoreless innings when the game was still close. Heilman through 12 pitches, Sanchez 7, so both should be available if needed tomorrow. Wagner warmed up but did not pitch.

Trachsel versus Mulder tomorrow night at 8:10 ET.

Box Score

Comments (3)

Good Morning, nice recap Mike.Mom must have gave some hitting instrutions they looked good.

A bit off topic, but is anyone else looking forward to Francessa/Russo calling the game next week?

I know a lot of people, including you Mike, feel that that show is a joke (and rightfully so sometimes), but I've found myself enjoying their commentary over the years. They bash the Mets and treat them like the 2nd team in NY, but to me it's always been done in a funny and not spiteful way.

After the Mets hot start this year, Russo opened up one show trying to find (jokingly) ways to "throw cold water" on the parade, and it the rare sports radio moment that made me really laugh. I mean it was geninuely funny stuff. I think it can be just as enjoyable to hear people who don't like your team talk about them.

Just a little ramble, no need to respond.

Good Afternoon, Rev. Sorry for the late reply -- this day got away from me. Mom appreciates the mention. She is modest, of course, but takes full credit for yesterday's win.
Yuan, I can't stand MATMD any more, but my position has always been if you enjoy them, keep listening. I just got tired of their act.

One thing that bothers me about next week is having these 2 call the whole game. An inning or 2 would have been no big deal, but I thought a whole game was excessive. To each his own, I guess. Enjoy.

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