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Once Again, the Fans Had No Voice

Mike SteffanosThursday, May 25, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

This is going to be my last word on the Mets allowing two unqualified "personalities" to take over the radio booth for an entire game against second place Philadelphia. I've already adequately detailed why this bush-league promotional stunt bothered me so much, but I thought the way this day ended on WFAN summed up perfectly what was wrong with it in the first place.

I remembered that they were going to have a call-in show on WFAN after the game with by Jeff Wilpon and Dave Howard, hosted by Ed Coleman. I wondered what the fan reaction would be, and how many would find themselves as annoyed by this stunt as I was. I wanted to hear what the callers had to say.

I listened to the last hour of the show, and they were talking to various radio and television guys and other friends of the duo. Ed Coleman kept saying they would "try to take a few calls from the fans" -- it was just that so many much more important people, like that shameless money-grubbing traitorous whore Bill Parcells, had to weigh in on the festivities.

What I came to realize was that they had indeed come up with the perfect end for this whole day. They took the game away from the fans in a desperate attempt to suck up to the bloated egos of Mike and the Mad Dog. No one really stopped to consider how the fans felt about it, and in the end, no one cared what they had to say.

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Comments (2)

Frankly ...they sucked. These blowhards are so mind numbing and dimwitted that it was actually embarassing to listen to these sub humans. Fortunately, with the Mets announcers we can expect insight and poignant analysis, and are made to feel like we are among old friends. With these two witless cretrins, our ears are kidnapped so to speak, and we are force fed a vivid description of the latest edition of "how great our those Yankees".... proving once again just how deep Mad Dog has his nose up Jeters backside...I swear that I half expected Mike to agree that Jeters farts are a precious nectar filled form that is... "words fail me"... "well...just... Stankee intoxicating" and that Snipe and the Damn Dog have bottled into an aerosol for sale at fine stores everywhere. Just look for their pictures on the label. This was atrocious radio at best and should be put into a time capsule and jettisoned into outer space to ensure that no lain civilzation will ever conclude that judging by this crap, there cant possibly be intelligent life here on Earth; thereby insuring us from space colonization. I finish this with the thought that when M&MD heads finally are jarred loose of the suction holding them in the Yankees collective butts, (precipitated by the Yankees crash and burn), that the G-forces when released will create a Tsunami in the east river.

So basically you didn't like them? :-)

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