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Mets Daily Podcast Is On-Line

Mike SteffanosSaturday, June 24, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

The MetsDaily.com Conference Call with me, Shari Forst from Take the "7" Train and Joe Pietaro from New York Sportscene magazine is now on-line at MetsDaily.com. Go to the Mets Daily web site, scroll down to Podcasts and look for the conference call.

It was a lot of fun to take part in. Everybody was great, except for me of course. Shari is more entertaining than most of the stiffs on WFAN. As for me, I'm not planning to quit the day job anytime soon. It was fun, though.

Take some time to check out John Strubel's revamped MetsDaily.com web site while you're there.

A couple of other things that you might find of interest.

Bergen Record: Duaner Sanchez
Steve Popper offers some comforting words on Duaner Sanchez:

Sanchez left the mound under his own power, but his right arm hung from his side motionless as he walked off with what was described as, "discomfort in his right shoulder." He said that he felt a shock that went from his neck to his fingertips.

"I feel better," Sanchez said after being examined. "It's something strange I never felt in my arm. I never had anything in my arm like that, like a shock. I don't want to take a chance and risk everything just to be a man."

Glavine and Steve Trachsel told him that they had experienced similar feelings in their pitching arms, which eased Sanchez's mind.

"I worried when it happened because it never happened to me before," he said. "But now I'm fine, not worried."

Getting Paid To Watch: More Chapter 3
Bob Sikes has another excerpt posted from Chapter 3 of his book, which covers the deterioration of manager Davey Johnson's relationship with the team's front office.

Minor League Baseball: Humber Pitches
Phil Humber pitched in first real game since Tommy John surgery Thursday night for the Rookie Level Gulf Coast League Mets. He was pounded pretty good, but he made it through four innings in one piece.

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Comments (2)

Hi Mike- Just writing to say I really enjoyed taking part in the conference call with all of you, thanks for the compliment! You were great too, don't sell yourself short-oh by the way when I said you look like Keith Hernandez (my all-time favorite Met too) it was a compliment-and I did mean the 1986 Keith, not the 2006 overweight Grecian Formula Keith.

Hey, you were great. As for Keith, he and I share a moustache. The picture on the site is a few years old, since I got sick I could use some Grecian formula myself. Keith was such a terrific player, any comparison is a tremendous compliment.

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