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Milledge Shines, But Mets Still Fall

Mike SteffanosSunday, June 4, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Giants 7 - Mets 6 (12)

There are no moral victories in baseball, especially when you had a series at home leading into a long western trip, you had 3 winnable games, and came away with a single win. Having said that, you have to admire the fight of this team; they never give up. I'll leave it to others to dissect Willie's moves, or speak about what might have been if Reyes turned that double play grounder. I'd gloat about the Mets finally getting to Benitez after he saved 14 games against them, but it's not as sweet when the other team comes away with the victory anyway.

Lastings Milledge showed us all why he's special today, and then when he was celebrating with fans after hitting his game-tying homer he showed why he still has a lot to learn. I'm sure those that feel this kid is a hot dog will be all over that one.

Forgive the short post tonight. Truth be told, though, I'm a little burnt out from all of the nail-biters and extra-innings marathons. I could use a couple of easy wins here and there. This team still has some big-time questions about the bottom of their rotation, the innings their key bullpen arms are pitching, and their offense that struggles for consistency. But they are gritty and entertaining, even if sometimes frustrate the hell out of me.

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"In the last days there shall be famine" 24 one run games.... We are going down to Lancaster Pa. for some r&r. Maybe I'll become a Amish farmer? They don't have any heart palpitating games to watch...Lastings looked good, Trachsel looked good, 1R/6H/7IP,and forgive me Lord, it looked good to see Benitez with a blown save. Hang in there, the best is yet to come.

Ten minutes ago I wasnt going to say anything. But honestly given the show by Milledge I like Mike C, have thrown the get out of jail etc card...

just like his HS faux Pax, he took the hand offered to him, this time a high five.... U know if he took the pete sampras approach he again would be villified as arrogant.

Note the Cliffy rumors: U know I love rumors but only because we get the oppurtunity to stick it to the AL, and replenish the farm. I must say Jordan Tata or Sanchez sound great. But I dont want cliffy to go.

Now as I finally read the last 3 boxscores i have 3 Willie observations (approx):

a. With sabermetrics prevalent it has been well stated that D. Sanchez/AA-heilman have trouble with their first innings. Why not get Traxx to try to finish the game? .....& after a double dipper no less?

b. I liked Beltran getting the rest. but Why not let lastings start in CF? He is the best CF...and played all 3 OF positions in Norfolk.
Willie does not seem to rotate players. Reyes/Wright/Delgado all play till they drop....literally and the measures is the infrequent but untimely miscue.

C. With the death toll apparent for az Matsui's tenure, Ahern needs to come up and spot Reyes a game or two and sub at 2B.

Rev Al, I already wished you a good trip. Think twice about going Amish. Hardly anyone looks good in those clothes...
One thing I like about Floyd right now is his positive influence on Milledge, and think he needs to stick around a while.

A. Trax was up over 100 pitches and was getting pitches up, I had no problem personally with him being removed.

B. Chavez is a better CF than Milledge.

C. I agree that Kaz is unlikely to help this team on the bench, but think they need someone who can hit to replace him.

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