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One Last Ride on the Hype Machine For 2006

Mike SteffanosFriday, June 30, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

It's time for what is likely to be the last round of Mets-Yankees hoopla in 2006 to begin. I'll be thankful when it's over. I know there are some out there that eat this stuff up, and I don't begrudge you that, but I think this rivalry has lost something with familiarity, and too much energy is expended on what are really just 3 games out of 162. Whatever, it's not going away anytime soon.

A lot is being made as to whether Wright and Reyes have surpassed Jeter and A-Rod as a better left side of the infield. I'm not quite sure what "winning" this argument would accomplish, but I guess it's a good one to aggravate your Yankee friends and co-workers with. I notice that one Yankee blogger feels the need to respond negatively to just about everything positive that is written about a Met. The thought of their precious superiority slipping away from them drives them crazy, and pompously pointing to championships that they weren't even alive to see just doesn't do it for them anymore.

Unlike many of you out there, I lived through the last time the Mets took the city away from the Yankees and the horrible 7-year period that preceded it. It meant a lot more to me that time around than this, because it the first time, and because the place where I worked was filled with Yankee fans and Sox fans. What taking the city away from the Yankees mostly seems to entail is to find that the bandwagon has become suddenly very crowded with the type that 230 years ago Thomas Paine branded the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot. Those Yankee caps will go into mothballs as they sport their brand-new shiny Mets regalia. Of course, some of these folks might have at least temporarily jumped off the bandwagon after those 3 tough evenings in Boston.

The Mets are a banged up team right now, and could use that All-Star break that's coming up in just over a week. More importantly, they need to try to get a handle on their pitching situation. The trade deadline is coming up in a month, and that will go by quickly. The Mets have important decisions to make. We'll get into that more as the deadline approaches. However, I am starting to find myself coming around more and more to Mike from The Metropolitans' point of view, and see giving Aaron Heilman a shot in the rotation as a sensible alternative to taking on the bloated salary and diminishing talents of someone like Livan Hernandez. Heilman just hasn't been special as a reliever this year, so he wouldn't be as hard to replace in the bullpen. Food for thought.

Plans for the 4-day Holiday Weekend
I should be posting on a daily basis, although Lisa has something to say about that. Even though I am the man, and therefore in charge, Lisa foolishly refuses to acknowledge this. I find the most effective response to her delusions is to say "yes, dear" a lot and do whatever she wants. Poor girl, she just doesn't understand.

Gotham Baseball Re-launch
Just a reminder that Gotham Baseball has re-launched both the magazine and the website. They are offering a free 1-year subscription to the magazine through July 3, details can be found here.

GB's Mark Healey will be appearing on the newest installment of SNY's Mets Weekly program that will air for the first time tomorrow.

Speaking of Re-launching
Don't forget to check out my friend John Strubel's re-launched Metsdaily.com web site.

Speaking of Mets Weekly
Matt Cerrone from MetsBlog, getting married today, will be profiled on next week's show along with his new bride. Details can be found here. Good luck to both the bride and groom.

Have a happy and safe holiday weekend, everyone.

Mets Geek: State of the Mets
Matt Gelb makes some good points on various aspects of the team, including this eye-opener on Duaner Sanchez:

Dunaer Sanchez, even before the nerve injury, has looked terrible. Ever since he gave up his first run of the year on May 9, Sanchez has pitched 22.2 innings and allowed 37 batters to reach base. He's still getting his groundballs (1.67 G/F since 5/9), but the control is missing. With the recent struggles of Heilman, an effective Sanchez is an important need for the Mets at this juncture. His 1.22 WHIP is scary.

I knew Sanchez was struggling, but I didn't realize it was quite that bad.

New York Post: The walking wounded
Mark Hale updates on the status of Carlos Delgado, who is expected to see a doctor today to determine the severity of the rib cage injury that kept him out of the lineup yesterday. Hale also reports that Xavier Nady (wrist bruise) is unlikely to play against the Yankees tonight.

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Comments (5)

K-Mart and Wallmart are still under water from the flooding of the Delaware River, so I'll save money this weekend. We will be married 40 years this Sept.(15 or 16,Iam not sure so I am always early with my gift.)it has worked and believe me "yes dear " works also.There is a mall 20 miles west of us and it may be a yes dear weekend after all. I agree with you about the Yanks and Mets games,it's just 3 more games. I hope the Boston games showed them this is no cake walk and you can get the snot knocked out of you if you take things for granted. Watching young L.M. play it would not be to hard for me to trade him for a top starter now. As I typed that I felt scared to pull the trigger. But I am now at least thinking about it.

If it's a real top-line starter you'd have to listen, though it would cost more than Milledge. Check this out, though:


Scroll down to the minor league numbers and check out DW's numbers in A ball in 2003, the year before he came up. When you're ready, you're ready. LM isn't ready yet.

As I pointed out a couple of days ago, the Mets are going to have a lot of money invested in Wright and Reyes in the near future. It's imperative that they have some good, cheap young players (like Lastings) in the coming years.

Stay dry.


glass half full. Many 'pundits' called DW a sandwich 1st rnd pick' a disappointment PRIOR to 04. Finally those are the #s.

His .363 was eye popping at AA, and his .298 at AAA was great. But prior to that...

Here are LM's digits http://cbs.sportsline.com/mlb/players/playerpage/584804
and they are not far off DW.
I bet when he comes back, (aug-Sept) he never goes back.

Mike: If not for how bad the Mets were in '03, We'd be talking about DW in the same context as Bay and Kazmir.

For comparison look at Bay's #s in St Lucie/Binghampton vs DW's and consider what could have been and where they are now.


Mike that was me.....

Looking at those numbers LM extrapolates to a comparable player to Jason Bay.

New Subject. Rev, I think the Mets have enough assets to keep LM. Heck I'd include X in a deal before LM. Omar has already gotten delgado, and LoDuca and Hernandez w/o giving up lastings. I think Schmidt can be had ($$$), now Jeff weaver is a thought (free to anyone who pays his salary).

Ed, I agree. If someone offered you a really good starter one-to-one for Milledge, you'd be foolish not to listen, but to give him up for a mid-rotation guy seems too much. I would trade Nady first, too.

I think this was a great experience for Milledge, and maybe not a bad thing that he struggled at the end. He seems the kind of kid that would be hungrier and more determined to prove himself next time.

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