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Stop Being the Punch Line of Their Cruel Joke

Mike SteffanosThursday, June 1, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Lee Jenkins had a story in the New York Times yesterday on the fallout from the Scott Kazmir trade. Since I've shared my feelings in detail on this not all that long ago, I was going to let it go. One of the unfortunate traps I seem to fall into with my illness is to get repetitive at times, and I'd like to spare regular readers from that again.

I'd like to point out one thing, though. I had a great e-mail correspondence with a Mets fan who passionately disagreed with my desire to let go of the bitterness of that stupid deal. He felt that, by keeping it in the forefront, he was ensuring that the Mets would feel the pressure not to do something like that again. He was adamant that he would never allow the Mets to forget the Kazmir trade. I tried to point out that Mets fans were calling up WFAN and speaking against this deal when the possibility of it leaked out a couple of days before the deadline. Everyone hated the deal. The Mets did it anyway. Fans have little power when a team is committed to stupidity. Just ask the Dolans about that.

Neither one of us changed the other's mind, and that was cool. I respect real Mets fans, whether they agree with me or not. There is something special about someone who never allowed George Steinbrenner to buy his loyalty, who remained true to one of the most frustrating and embarrassing franchises to root for in all of sports. If the Mets keep winning, we'll start to see some of the frontrunners and trend chasers move in, but most of the base right now is the real deal.

I won't bother to say again that the deal served as a necessary catastrophic catalyst for change in the organization. I'm not going to repeat myself on that one, I've linked below to a couple of bloggers that are far more talented writers than myself who make that point. I just wish that some of you realize that your pain over this deal, and refusal to move on, has become a big joke in the media, both locally and nationally. They prod and poke you on it just to snicker behind their hands at your reaction. The Kazmir trade was the just the setup for this gag, you, my passionate Met fan friends, have become the very punch line of this joke. In Tampa Bay, where the team still sucks 4 days out of 5, all they really have is your pain to gloat over.

Scott Kazmir is the girl that has moved on with her life, while you are the ex-boyfriend who is the only one in the room not to realize that you have become a pathetic stalker. Kazmir refuses to answer questions on why Mets fans are still so preoccupied with him:

It's something I would like to stay away from. I really don't want to get caught up in it.

There isn't a single guy in the media who keeps dragging Kazmir's name up over and over again who feels the smallest sense of loss over this kid. Baseball is a business to them, and Kazmir envy is just a great story to be exploited over and over again until they can't yank your chain with it any more.

Newark Star-Ledger: Beltran's Injury
Colin Stephenson quotes Carlos Beltran on fouling the ball off of his knee last night:

When it happened, I just felt it was going to be something worse. I just felt like my leg shut down. My quad, I didn't have the strength to get up on my own. The guys had to help me get on my feet. I just tried to finish the at-bat. I got dizzy, but the thing was, when they took me out of the game, I went to the X-ray room and they took some X-rays and they came out negative.

Beltran has a big bruise on the knee, but will treat it today and hopes to play against the Giants tomorrow.

Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin: Mike Pelfrey
Brian Moritz offers us a look at Mike Pelfrey trying to work out the kinks in Binghamton:

In the bullpen, hours before the game starts, things are simple.

There's no talk about the New York Mets' rotation, no speculation about big-league call-ups.

Here, Mike Pelfrey goes through his usual off-day workout. He and Binghamton Mets pitching coach Mark Brewer are trying to smooth a kink in Pelfrey's mechanics. It's nothing major, but Pelfrey is having trouble getting the lower half of his body in synch with his top half, leading to some control issues.

"I'm kind of rushing in my delivery," Pelfrey said. "I know what I need to do, and I can feel when I'm doing things wrong."

MetsBlog: Thoughts on Greg Maddux
Matthew Cerrone from MetsBlog makes the following point about the possibility of the Mets trading for Greg Maddux:

...glavine was one thing...he never really angered me while with the braves...maddux, however, is a whole other story...all his moaning, and that silly smirk...it just didn't go well with all those pennants, most of which came at the mets expense...it was way too arrogant and frustrating for me...i would be unable to cheer for that, regardless of the success it could bring...

Couldn't agree more. Some things are just wrong. Check out the rest of Matt's thoughts on the subject at the above link.

Mets Guy in Michigan: The Real Kazmir Trade
Dave has an interesting take on the Kazmir deal here, inspired by Lee Jenkins' New York Times story.

Faith and Fear in Flushing: Greg on Kazmir
In a look back at the month of May, Greg also shares his feeling on Tampa Bay's ace pitcher.

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Comments (7)

I believe the most pertinent question one should ask about Kazmir is when does he become a free agent?

Not for a long time, at least 3 years.

But note Kazmir did debut shortly after that trade near 2 yrs ago. He would probably have debuted this yr for the Mets.

Star Ledger: likelihood of the Mets landing a starter from this list, Dontrelle Willis, Livan Hernandez, Jason Schmidt, Barry Zito, Jeff Weaver. Hernandez wouldn't cost us Lastings Milledge.(man he made some throw to 3rd.) Because of that they feel it would be Hernandez.

Ed, I'm not saying it was a good trade, I'm saying that they're laughing at Mets fans who can't let go:

Rev, Livan scares me a little right now. His ERA is over 5 in a super pitcher's ballpark, he's given up 13 HR already.

I think a good trade to dwell on, is the Jae Seo--Sanchez trade. Seo is 1-6 and Sanchez has been dominant. Mike , now Livan scares me to.

You know, Rev, I hope Seo comes back and does decent and Sanchez continues to pitch great. I'm not some Devil Dog fan that needs someone else's misery to feel good about. One thing I'll say about Livan is he's been getting better. It just depends on what they want for him.

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