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Taking Today Off

Mike SteffanosFriday, June 23, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

I haven't been feeling that well again lately, and it's been somewhat of a struggle to write for the past week or so. I've been feeling a little extra dizzy, and that makes it awfully difficult to concentrate. I received this comment to my post on last night's game, And The 23-Year-Olds Shall Lead Them:

No offense, but you lifted the "Child shall lead them" premise from "The Musings and Prophecies of Metstradamus" Blog - he used it on 6/18.

I was really upset over this, because the word "lifted" implies that I purposely stole an idea from one of my colleagues. Anyone that reads my blog every day knows how much respect I have for the other people that do this. To question that I would ever think of stealing from another blogger offends me deeply. There were times when I read someone else's blog, and found something there that reminded me of something I recently wrote, and I never questioned the integrity of the writer. It's a small community, really, and there would be no point in doing that.

Yet the fact remains that I most probably did subconsciously get the idea for the title from Metstradamus' post, since I read and enjoy his blog, and the titles are so similar. I would apologize to him personally for this, but he had no email address on his blog. Perhaps if you are someone who knows him you will pass this along.

I find myself questioning lately, especially at times that my illness seems to be getting the better of me, whether I'm capable of continuing to output posts that are worthwhile. The fact that I made such a basic mistake as this one -- a mistake I don't think I would have made a couple of months ago -- troubles me a lot. I'm going to take the rest of the day off and just try to regroup myself a little. In the meantime, here are the links that I was working on today.

Baseball Prospectus ($): Pedro's Hip
This one is from earlier in the week. In his Under The Knife column for BP, Will Carroll offers the following on Pedro:

Martinez has been working with bullpen coach Guy Conti on changes to his delivery, trying to both take stress off the right (push) hip and make sure that he's not adding stress to his shoulder. Some might be surprised that Martinez is noted to be working with Conti rather than pitching coach Rick Peterson, but team sources tell me there's nothing unusual about this. Martinez is struggling a bit with his control lately, though it's unclear if the adjustments are a response to that or if the control is shaky while he's learning to integrate the adjustments. It's worth keeping an eye on, though things look positive for both Martinez and the Mets.

Mets Geek: Toronto Starting Pitchers
Andrew Hintz profiles the three starting pitchers the Mets will face in Toronto this weekend.

NY Sports Day: Mr. Smith
Linda Berardelli profiles the Mets third round draft pick, sidearming right-handed reliever Joe Smith.

Getting Paid To Watch: Chapter 3
Bon Sikes has part of Chapter 3 of his book posted to his blog.

More Mets Stories:
SportsSpyder Mets
Pro Sports Daily Mets

Comments (13)

Hi Mike- Don't let that person get to you-I'm sure Metsradamus feels flattered that used something from his blog, and he knows you didn't "lift" it. If you want to use anything from my blog be my guest.
I hope you feel better..............

You've been doing a great job as always Mike. Keep up the good work and feel better soon.

Shari -- I certainly wouldn't expect him to be flattered that I accidentally copied the title, just hopefully understand it wasn't intentional. If I read someone's blog and even just get an idea that I feel like writing about I credit them for it. I need to get my stuff together right now and pick up my game a little. The funny thing is that the title is usually what I have the most fun with in a post. Sometimes they're a little corny, but I always have fun coming up with them.
Thanks, Yuan, I'm fine and will be back tomorrow.

Mike, hang in there. You are a treasure to the Mets blogging community. You are a must read for all of us. I hope you feel better, and just remember all of your friends out here are pulling for you. Hope you feel better, and maybe a Mets win will take your mind off things. After all, isn't that what the game is for? To forget about bills, cutting the lawn, painting, laundry. etc.

Gary, thanks. I certainly appreciate the thoughts. I just needed a day off. I'll be back tomorrow and we'll recap this nice win and go from there. Thanks again.

Mike - Good to hear you will be back!

Honest, I never intended to take more than the one day off I mentioned in the post.

Mike, I hope your feeling better. It is obvious to ayone that reads your blog that "lifting" something from Metstradamus wasn't your intention. Your are constantly recommending readers to check him out. I mean," what kinda criminal would you make???" Trust me when I say you are an original and a pleasure to read.The most important thing is to take care of yourself.You're like Pedro to us, so we need you for the long haul. If you need an extra day of rest,by all means take it! (Just not after a loss!)As I always say,"Don't SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF and it's all small stuff"
P.S. Every one should read Richard Carlson.There are at least two of his books in any home library. Take care and God Bless

Jim, I know I didn't screw up on purpose, and I don't feel guilty for something that was an accident. I just like to avoid those accidents in the future. Thanks very much for the kind words.

Allow me to add by best wishes to those postee's above. I very much enjoy your stuff, check into your site every after-game day, and usually find myself in agreement with you (if that's good news!).

You really shouldn't worry about subconsciously borrowing someone else's literary allusion. To my thinking, on reaching a certain point in life, those of us that make a habit of reading, listening, paying attention just have so many bits and bites of data floating in the mental bog that authorship is frequently going to be sketchy. I've had more than a few self-recriminations on that score; now, I simply tell myself that I may not be infallible, but that my heart is pure, like the fellow in the song.

As for your taking a few bar's rest: we may love your stuff, but that's no reason to think of yourself as a public utility. I'll just punch your link occasionally until you make it back.

So, all the best, get to feeling better, and Lets Go Mets!

DD -- I'm not sure if it's good news for you. What bothered me wasn't that I accidently borrowed the idea for the title -- it was that it was something that had been written so recently. I haven't been on top of my game lately.

Writing about the Mets for the most part helps me to forget my troubles, so I'll keep doing it. When I feel the need to step back I won't be afraid to, and I'll do what I did yesterday and give people a heads up on how long I'll be gone.

You know, I lifted my title from a Bible verse. So who's really the plagarist here?

If I knew that my writings were in your subconscious, I would get you to send me money!

Rock on, Mike. :)

Metstra -- I'd actually need to have some money to send you. Thanks for understanding.

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