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Because You Just Can't Get Enough of These Trade Rumors

Mike SteffanosFriday, July 28, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

Mark Healey from Gotham Baseball is likely to be very busy over the weekend updating GB's Rumor Mill with the latest info.

Today Mark discusses the possibility of Duaner Sanchez moving in a Zito deal, and quotes some sources in regards to Rick Peterson's effect on Zito re-signing here if the Mets get him:

One thing is becoming clearer with each person we speak with; the Mets' best chance to keep Zito long-term is to re-introduce him to old pitching coach Rick Peterson for the stretch run, that is, according to a West Coast-based baseball official.

"That will go a long way when free agency rolls around, as (Peterson's influence) could play the biggest role in when Zito gets offers from Boston, the Yankees, the L.A. clubs and the Cubs."

With respect to Mark's sources, Zito's recent switch to Scott Boras as an agent would seem to signal to me that negotiations this winter will be all about money, period. I can't see Professor Mullet having that huge of an impact on where the lefty winds up. I still feel if Omar deals for Zito it has to be with eyes wide open as a late-season rental.

Shea Faithful: More Rumors
Pat interviews Dierkes from MLBTradeRumors.com.

Laugh of the Day
Admittedly, some of the younger readers probably won't get this, but Shari from Take the "7" Train says of the Braves obnoxious second baseman Marcus Giles: Giles looks like the actor Robbie Benson had he ran full force into a brick wall. What do you think?

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Comments (6)

Well, they have the same amount of talent....

Now that's a little harsh...

... to Benson.

I always call Giles "Corky" from Life Goes On. Now there is a resemblence.

All the rumors have my head spinning. Is Mr.MET still in the mix?....It sure would be nice to get a big win from Pedro tonight and start us off on a win streak. I should say continue our streak. How sweet would it be to sweep Atlanta. Man what a nice thought!

Hi Mike- LOL now that I see their photos together it rings even more true, but I do have to give my buddy "Philly Fred" some of the credit for this one.
We both said when discussing how much we hated Giles...........

Anon -- what a mean thing to say about Corky.
Rev -- I'm not even going to try to guess what will happen between now and Monday afternoon.
Shari -- props to both you and Fred, and apologies to Robbie Benson.

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