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Change Is Good, The Braves Aren't

Mike SteffanosSunday, July 30, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

According to Paul Lo Duca, the Mets have come to Atlanta not to praise the Braves, but to bury them. As far as the National League east goes, we can call this weekend mission accomplished. In regards to the wild card, even if Tom Glavine manages to come out of his 6 week tailspin and win this game, it's going to be up to the rest of the mediocre National League and the Braves themselves. This is looking like another year where you can have a hot two weeks and jump directly into the Wild Card driver's seat.

We made the point early in the year that the "baseball intelligentsia" is always going to look with skepticism on what the Mets do while viewing the Braves with a type of unthinking wide-eyed optimism. This allowed many of these so-called experts to pick the Braves as the better team heading into the season. Now you're starting to get all of that "end of an era" crap like we were subjected to on FOX yesterday, as if it was a good thing that one team was able to so completely dominate the other teams in the division for so long. For some reason, there doesn't seem to be much sentiment outside of Mets fan circles that it's actually a good thing for someone else to get their chance at the brass ring.

We've also made the point here previously that the Braves run of championships consisted of equal parts a terrific organization, lots of Teddy's money for a few years, the strike that killed a very good Expos team, the schizophrenic Marlins organization and the incompetence at the top of the Mets and Phillies. The stars aligned perfectly, and a sports dynasty was born. Now, with Teddy gone, they were doing "dynasty on the cheap", and their days were numbered. Moreover, they've made some strategic blunders as an organization lately that have largely gone glossed over in the press. In any case, enough was certainly enough -- and I'm sure there were some outside of the NL eastern division that were getting tired of the Braves after so long.

So cry if you must, for this team and it's fans that have taken on an insufferable air of entitlement for so many years. Pardon us Met fans if we don't. Led by our candid backstop, we've brought our shovels with us to this party.

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Comments (4)

Mets sweep. How good is that. The way Beltran is hitting on the road, maybe it's a good thing we lost the allstar game and home advantage for the W.S... A few days ago, I said maybe Pedro can continue our win streak into Atlanta and sweep them. I didn't know I was speaking prophetically.(man thats a big word from this Brooklyn preacher.) No trades yet for the Mets and for me thats a good thing. I think we can wait and see how the kids do. At my age everybody a kid, even you Mike. .Thats pushing it I think. You know what I mean sonny.

A wise person once told me the key to staying young is to make sure that everyone that you hang around with is older than you. That is getting more and more difficult with each passing year.

I love the stat where the showed the number of days each NL east team has spent in 1st place since the Braves streak began. And Florida had only about 180 games. Yet they have 2 rings and the Braves only have one during that stretch....Divisions won don't mean much, World Series rings do!

True, but the division is a good start for the Mets.

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