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Duaner Sanchez Out For the Season, Nady Traded

Mike SteffanosMonday, July 31, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

In a stunning blow to the Mets' chances, WFAN, MetsBlog and other sources are reporting that Duaner Sanchez is out for the season after being injured in a taxi last night in Miami.

As a result of this development, it's being reported (although still unconfirmed) that Xavier Nady has been traded to the Pirates in return for Roberto Hernandez and the ultimate pitching project -- Oliver Perez. After a great 2004 season, Perez has turned into a walk machine, walking 121 batters in 179 IP over the last two years. I understand that Omar had to make a move, but I feel like Nady was too much to give up here in return for a older reliever and a head case. More later.

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Comments (16)

I have to agree with you. The Mets were setup for their outfield next year with Millage playing left in place of Floyd, Beltran in Center, Nady in Right. Now the Mets will have to go for a trade or free-agent signing for their outfiled next year, unless they decide to keep Floyd.

I'll agree, too. Not because the exchange is debatable, but because Lastings Milledge in no way resembles a major league-ready player and now he's going to be thrust into the middle of a pennant race.

Too bad Victor Diaz has spent his time in Norfolk sucking it up - this could've been his shot and things wouldn't have hurt as much.

And now he goes and trades Perez (who could've made next Spring very interestin) & Bell for Linebrink.


Today seems to be a perfect example of getting what you wished for. There were so many who thought "we need to do something!!!" and it seems Omar did something to do something.

I'll re-evaluate later, but as of now... bad trades... I think Bell could've done good given the shot and they should've held onto Perez to see what he still had left.

Omar was forced to do something because Sanchez was hurt.

I agree he had to do something, Matt. Joe, I'm hearing that they didn't make the deal with Perez and Bell for Linebrink.

WFAN got the comfirmation from Jay Horowitz who said "The Mets have no other anouncements for today". So only one deal... we shall see what happens. Time for Heilman to step up and pitch like he did last year to support the bullpen and Roberto.

Well, I know he HAD to do something, Duaner being out and all. But swapping Nady (by no means irreplaceable) for Milledge at this point... Mill isn't ready regardless of my personal feelings for him.

I've also heard Linebrink feel through; too bad I guess.

'Bert signed a 2-yr deal with Pittsburgh right? Is he really going to have anything left next year?

I don't think Omar cares about next year right now. Lastings will most likely be up here. This was what Omar felt was the best team he could put together for a run to the world series with the resources and circumstances he was faced with.

'Bert on the 25. I guess they'll DL Sanchez call up Mill later tonight. Pelf probably needs to shutdown the Fish if he doesn't want to go back down. (Speculation)

Wow. We couldn't even have one day to enjoy this weekend's sweep. I agree with you on Pelfrey, Joe. They're going to want to call up Bell or someone else for the bullpen.

MIke- I have to agree with you here-Nady was great in the bottom of the line up, and now we have to rely on Milledge who is a dicipline problem, and Endy Chavez who has been great as a fill in, but there is a reason he was never an everyday player. I know the Mets needed a new set up man, I liked Hernandez last season, don't know his stats this year, but if they aren't great we can chalk that up to playing on a bad Pirates team and hope for the best-I know nothing about Perez.

Well, crap. Sorry to see Nady go. Some time in October the Mets are going to face a tough lefthander with a game on the line; and that is when we'll miss him.

Of course the guy I really expect to miss is Duaner Sanchez.

A little fan's sidebar: my next door neighbor's sons, age six and eight, are just becoming baseball fans; and the trade of Xavier Nady is the first time a player they liked was shipped out of town. It's been a little traumatic for them. The other day the six year old was telling me of an episode in a swimming pool when a friend of his named Paul lost his bathing suit. "Not Paul Lo Duca," he assured me.

Shari -- I was really, really sorry to see Nady go. I know it was a trade that had to be done, but I'm kind of shocked at how Mets bloggers and commenters were just kind of trashing Nady. I guess the thinking on RH was that getting back into the pennant race will give him some new life, and he's not afraid to pitch here. Makes sense.
DD -- Lisa was upset, too. She thought he was cute and she liked the nickname "X".

BTW, thanks for putting Paul Lo Duca losing his bathing suit into my head.

Hi Mike- Nady quietly did his job, and because he wasn't flashy and hit in the bottom of the order he went unoticed.
In due time his absence will be felt, he wasn't bad with the glove either-a first baseman by trade he was learning right field very quickly.
I also thought he was nice to look at-he reminded me of Sawyer on the ABC series Lost.

I think somebody was passing on Milledge and wanted another of our outfielders(Gomaz?or something like that)has more power. Maybe thats our outfielder in the making.Any info on that guy?

Hey Shari -- Lisa thought he was really cute, too. Obviously that didn't matter as much to me. :) I agree with you on the rest.
Rev Al, Gomez is one of those "high ceiling" guys with a lot of rough spots. I heard there are some in the Mets organization that like him more than Milledge. There is a really good story on Gomez from earlier in the year here:


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