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Life Is Good

Mike SteffanosSaturday, July 29, 2006
By Mike Steffanos

I've had plans for this evening for a while to go out with my brother and a couple of really good old friends. When I made the plans, it didn't occur to me the Mets would be playing the Braves tonight, much less Pedro pitching his first game in a month. Still, I resolve just to DVR the game and not keep sneaking out to my car to check on it.

We wound up meeting in a Wings joint in the Milford, CT Post Shopping Center. I sit down at the table and the Mets game is on directly in front of me on a big screen tv. Life is good. One of my friends brought his neighbor with him, who turned out to be a Braves fan. That's okay, I can be restrained. Then the guy admits that he used to be a Mets fan, but switched to the Braves. Now I longer feel the need to be restrained. Freaking traitor.

The Mets kick Atlanta's butt. Life is really, really good. The buffalo wings were good, too.

Bedtime now, game recap tomorrow. Big dumb smile on my face. Did I mention life is good?

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Comments (6)

You don't have to say more. Today you can tell who is a Met fan,they all have a big dumb smile on their face. I could even look in the mirror at 3:30am and it's there.Pedro is back and will get better with each start.A Braves fan, use to be a Mets fan, ugh,he may be a Yankee fan soon. Double ugh ugh.But we have that smile today. Have a good day:)


What did you think of the wings place. I'm not a huge fan of the Wings - a little rubbery, though the sauces were great.

Next time you're heading over there, let me know - I live less than five min. away.

I dont remember being invited. Seems you dont mind us reading your blog but when it comes time to chow down its a whole differant story!!!! Well blow you!!!

No such thing as an ex-Mets fan, only people who pretended to be Mets fans in the first place and the dead.

It goes to show that trade rumors are worthless. The latest has both Sanchez and Heilman going to Oakland for Zito. Should we send any of our other bullpen pitchers? Would they like Feliciano and Wagner too? Perhaps Bell also.

How much credence are they due? None. 2 hours after I read about Lee being traded to the Rangers I read in USA Today that "Cardinals Confident They will Trade For Carlos Lee." UnFRIKKINbelievable.

Don't blame the tabliods too much for those trade rumors; they've got papers to sell, and people seem to like that sort of thong.

I keep thinking that if the Mets do make one of the lopsided deals that are being bandied about, they will be giving up far too much of the team's future. And, dammit, I/we missed out on the Generation K Mets; I want to see these young players grow up in their Mets uniforms.

A couple of years back, I was part of a discussion of the extent to which the Yankees owned New York, and would for the forseeable future. I believe the point of the discussion was that the Mets had to do something, make some big trade or big signing. Anyway, the chief evidence offered was the number of boys in a friend's son's 5th grade class wearing Yankee jerseys, as opposed to the paltry few sporting Mets jerseys; to this friend this meant that the lifelong allegiances were in place for the Youth of New York. My thoughts were: those kids may be lost to us, but there's more kids always on the way; and, how many of those Yankee fans in your kid's class would tell you that either Jeter or Williams was their favorite player -- the two best of the homegrowm Yankees.

His answer was, "all of them," and it makes perfact sense; it takes a while to build loyalty, and I believe it also requires a sense of permanence. The Mets can achieve that by allowing Pelfrey, Milledge, Humber to develop -- NOT by hiring Barry Zito for a few months.

When was the last time you donned your Mike Hampton jersey?

I also think that if the Mets do pull off one of these deals, the pitcher they acquire may well pitch worse than the pitcher be bumps out of the rotation. "Veteran" is not synonomous with "guaranteed."

Rev Al -- I still have the smile.
Matt -- sounds cool. I was with the Braves fan, a Red Sox fan and a couple of agnostics last night. Could have used you.
Scott -- We had the annual meeting of the Mikes Mets fan club in a phone booth last week and there was room to spare. I even blew it off. I guess I was just sulking.

I don't pay a lot of attention to trade rumors because they just get to be too much after a while. I remember when they were talking Kazmir for Zambrano two years ago I laughed at that rumor. Now I don't laugh at any rumor anymore.
dd -- that's an interesting take, and I believe you're right. I'm very happy with Beltran's success this year but I'm more invested in Wright, because he's always been "one of ours."

Ron Darling made the point on the telecast about a week ago that even Frank Viola didn't settle into pitching in New York until his second year here -- and he was a verteran, a world series champ and born here.

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